International projects and programs

Center for Engineering Education has extensive experience in international projects and programs:

  • International Centre forCommunicationand Development (Bulgaria) -“The profession without Borders”, the seminar “Opportunities, conditions, criteriatools andpartner participationforcountriesnotmembers ofthe European Unionto participate in theoperational programs, grant-funded by European Union” (2011). “European integration through partnership” (2012).
  • European Training Foundation:

– «The development of vocational schools and training centers throughout life» / «Working together Learning for life» (2011-2015);

– «Appropriate education and employment: the transition from education to employment in Central Asia” (2011);

  • German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) in the framework program:

– «Vocational education for girls and women and support of the reforming process in the education system in the Republic of Kazakhstan”;

       – «Regional network of teacher training (professional pedagogy/ didactics) in Central Asian countries.”

– German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ GmbH / GOPA Consultants): «Support vocational education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

  • European Union “Social Partnership in the VET”: Training on development of modular programs based on competences (2010);
  • German Society of international development promotion and professional development (InWent gGmbH) – training on the subject “Vocational education and labor market needs” (2009).
  • Fund support vocational education (RKK, Norway) – participated in the Kazakh-Norwegian seminar on regional Development Board (2009).