International coorperation

Chair of the Kazakh language and culture

Within the last two years at the chair there were held scientific seminars with participation of invited professors from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

1. By the invitation of the chair of the Kazakh language and culture of KSTU in the period from 04.01.10 till 08.01. from Kyrgyzstan there came professor of Kyrgyz-and-Turkish University “Manas” Kadyrali Konkobayev who condacted a seminar: «Turkish representatives of other countries and their learning and development».

2. By the invitation of the chair of the Kazakh language and cultur to take part in the International conference “Science as a leading factor of strategy “Kazakhstan -2030”(Saginov’s readings No2) in the period from 21.06.10 till 24.06.10 from Turkey there came professor of Yunus Emre Institute, PhD Sheref Atesh. The professor conducted a seminar: «New approaches in teaching a foreign language».
3. The seminar on the Kazakh language and culture’s faculty was from  The dean of the Chinese philological faculty, the candidates of philological science, the professor chinese language from the Sangy University from the Sangy city Seric Mustafauly read the lection on the theme «Chinese language’s studying methodics». The themes of the lections: «The structure’s peculiarities of the Chinese language», «The quick ways of the recognizing of the Chinese hieroglyps», «Translation story in China», «Semantical bonds of the ajectives and verbs of the Chinese language», «The methods of tophonimics translation», «The methodics of the Kazakh and chinese language».
The readers and teachers of Kazakh language and culture faculty taked part in that seminar. At the end they had certifications.

The Memorandum about cooperation between Republic of Kazakhstan and Sanjy University was signed.