Department of ”Economics of the enterprise”

Since 2005 the department deals with the Institute of Zittau, Garlits (Germany). As part of the agreement on scientific and technical cooperation rector, Prof. R. Giese repeatedly held master classes and lectures on “Management and financial accounting”, working curriculum aligned to the organization of duo-diploma training by the specialty “Accounting and Auditing.”

Since 2008 the Department is works by realization of the contract with the Moscow State Construction University (Moscow) on scientific and technical cooperation, under which exchange provides students and undergraduates, internships teachers of the department.

In November 2011 a contract with the Moscow State Mining University (Moscow), which also includes the exchange of students, undergraduates, passing skills, the training of doctors PhD specialty “Economics”.

In 2012, has undergone training MSSU assistant professor on “Enterprise Economy” Alpysbaeva N.A.

In 2014, the department Economy of enterprise signed a cooperation agreement with Riga Technical University (Riga, Latvia) and Dhaаnish Ahmed College (Chennai, India).

From 22.11.2014 till 12.06.2014, at the Department of VC visited Professor Polytechnic College Dhanisha Ahmed, PhD Saif Ali. They were delivered lectures for students, graduates and staff of the department.

In October 2015 the department of EP was signed a cooperation agreement with Sumy State Technical University (Sumy, Ukraine).

In the format of partnership with universities in Kazakhstan, the EiMP department cooperates with the following universities: