International cooperation

Department of Vocational education and pedagogy


Professor of KSTU Ismakova B.S. took part in the II World Congress “EAST-WEST: the intersection of cultures”

International cooperation Department-PE and P (report on 03.04.2019)

For the period 2017-2020  the teaching staff of the Department took an active part in:

Within the framework of the cooperation agreement No. 58 dated 17.05.2016 with the Siberian Academy of Finance and banking (Novosibirsk, Russia), an exchange of experience was made: in 2017. skibitsky E. G., Ph. D., Professor, head of the Department “Pedagogy and psychology” of the Siberian Academy of Finance and banking, held consultations with candidates of the Department Chausova T. A., Bakina Yu.a., Kurymbaeva S. K. on problems of higher education and professional pedagogy. Implemented the participation of Professor Smirnova G. M. in the VII International scientific and practical conference of teachers, postgraduates, undergraduates and students of Safibd,

Advanced training of S. M. Udartseva And T. A. Chausova was carried out at the Leningrad state University named after A. S. Pushkin (Russia) within the framework of the agreement on cooperation between KSTU and aou HPE “Leningrad state University named after A. S. Pushkin»

Associate Professor of the Department of SOFTWARE Smirnova G. M., head of the CIP-was sent to the University. Aristotle, Thessaloniki, Greece, August 13-25, 2018 to study the best foreign experience in teaching psychological and pedagogical disciplines, and conduct joint international research in the field of pedagogy in the framework of the “JASON” program. The work was carried out at the faculty of education under the supervision Of PhD Photiadis D. K.

Associate Professor-Udartseva S. M. was sent to Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hanover (Germany), to improve scientific and pedagogical skills, conduct research, exchange experience on innovative teaching methods, to the international educational center IW e V from July 17 to July 22, 2018 for training in the program “teaching Methods and quality management in higher education institutions”.

Associate professors of the Department Gotting V. V. and Samashova G. E. from 17.09.18 to 19.09.18 took an active part in the seminar “program professional education and training in Central Asia, implementation of study programs”, Dushanbe. The seminar was attended by representatives of universities from Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Germany.

Since June 1, 2019, the project on dual training in colleges and universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan in construction specialties begins in cooperation with the company “Knauf” for a duration of 4 (four) years.

Together with the MES, the regional offices of education in pilot schools selected the following:

  1. Mangystau Polytechnic College
  2. Temirtau higher Polytechnic College
  3. Karaganda state technical University
  4. Rudny industrial Institute

From 09.12.2019 to 13.12.2019, courses on KNAUF technologies were held in Temirtau within the framework of the project of the company “Knauf” and the German society for international cooperation GIZ for the development of dual training on the basis of the Temirtau Higher Polytechnic College. 4 people took courses from the Department of Poip. (Gotting V. V., Chausova T. A., Baizhumanova N. S., Umirbekova M. A.)

On 29.05.2020, an online lecture on the ZOOM platform was held as part of the project of Knauf and the German society for international cooperation GIZ on the development of dual training. The online lecture was attended by students and faculty of the Department of Poip

On 05.06.2020, a meeting was held to discuss the results and preliminary planning of work for the upcoming academic year in the framework of the GIZ project. Training center of KNAUF Gypsum Kapchagai LLP. The company with the participation of deg “held a conference on the ZOOM platform on the topic “Dry construction method”. 7 people participated from the Department.