International cooperation

On agreement on cooperation   58 from 17.05.2010 y. with Siberian academician finance and bank deal (WHINE VPO SAFBD) were realized research assistances on E-mail with competitor of the pulpit   Bakinoy Y.A. and Chausova T.A. On E-mail was received from Skibickiy E.G. scholastic allowance “Ethics and culture of management” (2006).

At  december 2011y. within the framework of list ME&S RK for attraction foreign specialist were lectured and organized consultations d.p.s., professor, chief of management инноваций and strategic development Viatskiy state university Masharovoy T.V. with competitor KARGTU on problem of the high school and professional pedagogical.

It is planned to joint development and publishing the following scientific labour:

– Masharova T.V., Egorov V.V., Udarceva S.M. Kompetentnostny approach to estimation quality graduate of the system VET –  scientific item within the framework of performing the agreement on cooperation from 28.12.2011y. with Viatskiy state university on E-mail were received from Masharovoy T.V. following publishing: abstract on competition degree k.p.n. –  Markov S.V. “Pedagogical accompaniment of the gifted teenager when designing and realization individual route” (g. Kirov – 2011); The Abstract on competition degree c.p.s. – Yuriev A.I. “Subject-aesthetic ambience as facility of the social education student high school” (g. Kostroma – 2011); The Abstract on competition degree c.p.s. – Grunin A.V. “Shaping moral  midshipman in edication to ambience of the high school” (g. Kostroma – 2011); Electronic documentation on Methods of the undertaking from licensia supervision the educational institution average professional, additional professional, initial professional, from university of the professional high vocational training.

Smirnova G.M. participated in seminar, round tables, forum:

15-16 мarch 2012y. (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek) participation in international conference “Education during life: experience of the project Development educational institutions and national policy SPUME”;

29-30 мarch 2012y. (Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek) participation in international seminar “Transition from training to work in Central Asia – a Study EFO in Kyrgyzstan Republic 2011-2012″: appearance with report “Analysis to situations on youth market of the labour to Republic Kazakhstan”

The Managing pulpit  Udarceva S.M. took part in regionals meeting participant “Regional Network of the Teachers (RSP)”, which passed  g.Cholpon -Ata, Kyrgyzstan 11-16 June  2012 y. The seminar was conducted within the framework of component “Regional network of the teachers of” program “Vocational training in Central Asia -1″. In seminar were a representatives Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany.

– 17-21  september 2012 y. (g.Burgas, Bulgaria, ES) participation director THREAD SPUME, assistant professor of the pulpit on Smirnovoy G.M. in functioning (working) the International seminar to conferences “Eurointegraciya through  Partnerstvo” on  project “Profession without borders”.

The organizer: International centre communication and developments, ES, Bulgaria.

The purpose: “Assistance and support of the initiatives on broad  and social-economic development region countries-participant. Creation stable international cooperation on exchange successful practical person and preparation claimed on international market of the labour able to meet competition specialist”.

The countries-participants – Bulgaria, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorus, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tdzhikistan, Kirgiziya, Latvia, Estonia.