International cooperation

Department «Physical training»

Within the framework of international cooperation, a contract was concluded between the Karaganda State Technical University and the Siberian State University


– regularly exchange information and assist each other in scientific and methodological support of scientific and educational activities;

– to exchange scientific staff and teaching staff;

– to provide an opportunity for scientific internships for teachers, employees and students;

– conduct joint educational and cultural programs, seminars and conferences, research projects;

– to assist in the publication of scientific works in international scientific collections published on the basis of one of the parties;

– to review the scientific works of students and faculty by mutual agreement;

– to introduce each other to the plans for the publication of monographs, research developments, scientific collections and send out flagship copies;

– exchange experience in the development of advanced teaching methods;

– inform the public of both countries about the activities of the Parties;

– work on the joint development of international contacts, including work with foreign foundations for strategic partnership programs.

Athletes of our university are represented at competitions of international level:

1 student KSTU Group PO-12-2 Nurgaliyev Abdulla, won the International Boxing Tournament in Moscow.

2 student KSTU group tt-12-2 Komarov Alexander won the World Championship among students in kettlebell lifting. Competitions were held in Tashkent city.

3 student of the group GM-09-2 Bazarbaev Amankeldy bronze medalist at the World Combat Sambo Championship held in Moscow on December 21,

4 student gv NVP – 12 – 4 Mutsalgov Hussein winner of the open Republican Championship in Greco-Roman wrestling among youth dedicated to the memory of Olympic champion Shamil Serikov in Almaty 30.11 – 2.12.2012

5 student of KSTU group gd-12-4 Seydawali Nurzhan won the World Youth Championship of 18-19 years in Pankration held in Greece in Lakonia November 16-18, 2012.