International cooperation

Transport and Road faculty

The Department of Transport and Road faculty support international relations with Tomsk Polytechnic University, with the Tyumen State University of Architecture and Construction, with the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Construction, with the Novosibirsk State Technical University, with Omsk State Technical University, with Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy (SibADI ), the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (MADI), Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), with the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, the university Hochschule Heifbronn University (Germany), with the Donetsk National Technical University (Ukraine), with the Ural State University of Railway Transport .

Established creative communications with KazATC im.M.Tynyshpaeva, KazNTU. Satpayev and others. In addition, international communication is carried out by direct contact through graduates enrolled in the program “Bolashak”. In particular contract with Haylbronnskim university in Germany, the Technical University of Malaysia, with the University of Germany (Leybnit).

Signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of innovative technologies in the field of education and science JTAG “Siberian State Automobile and Highway Academy (SibADI)” (Russia, Omsk.), A cooperation agreement in the field of innovative technologies, Tyumen State Architectural and Construction Institute.

Chair of CT and ML prepared the application for participation in the international Tempus-4 (9 projects) with the Donetsk Academy of automobile transport (Ukraine).

In order to expand foreign contacts to participate in the “Saginovskih readings” of the department was invited TTiOD doctor-engineer from Germany Korobeynikov NV Consented to participate in the preparation of the PhD in “Transport, transport equipment and technology” doctors from Germany (Riediger, Fox).

Faculty graduates have successfully completed various types of internships and training abroad. Winner of the International Scholarship president of RK “Bolashak” Abdigalieva MK trained in England.

Every year on the plan training undergraduates and faculty are trained in leading universities abroad.

In the framework of international cooperation Faculty actively cooperates with a number of leading universities and abroad.