International cooperation

2015-2016 years

November 2015

On November 20, 2015 the IIW training course “International Welding Engineer” was completed in Kazakhstan Welding Institute. Theoretical and practical training in the amount of 450 hours were spent  by teachers of the W&FP department: Ph.D., Associate Professor Bartenev I.A., Bochenin V.I., Medeubaevym N.A., engineers Akhmetbekov M.T. and Zhuravlev N.I. Examinations for the 4th training modules conducted examiners Kazakhstan Association of welding KAZWELD – doctor of technical Sciences Аbdurachmanov R.U. end candidate of technical Sciences Lopuchov Ju.I.15 Kazakhstan welding specialists from different regions of Kazakhstan, enterprises and organizations, within 3 months were trained and received an international diploma in “International Welding Engineer – IWE». Theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the course helped Kazakhstan specialists significantly improve their professional level. This is our contribution to the development of welding production of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Program GPIIR-2.


Practical courses of IWE-2015


Practical training in MIG-MAG welding


Examiners US


Presentation of diplomas IWE


Graduates of IWE-2015

2013-2014 years

Оctober 2013

For courses “International Welding Engineer” was printed learning materials of Module IWE 3 (calculation and design welded construction) in Russia. It was made in program of international cooperation of “Welding and foundry” department and Kazakhstan Welding Institute.


modul3_1+          modul3_2+

Cover and title list of issue “Module IWE 3”


September 2013

During a business trip to Germany in Essen, Director of the Kazakhstan Institute of welding and head  Department “Welding and Foundry” is executed the following activities:

1. Participation in meetings of the General Assembly of the International Institute of welding with the 11 September 15, 2013.



The delegation of Kazakhstan  at the General Assembly of the International Institute of welding



Bartenev I.A. the welding Institute Director of Kazakhstan



Before the meeting, from left to right: Nurlan Ismurzinov, Director of the Kazakhstan Association of welding (Astana), Dr.-Eng. Cecile Mayer, Executive Director of the Secretariat of the International Institute of welding (Paris), I. Bartenev, Director of the Kazakhstan Institute of welding (Karaganda, KSTU)


2. Meetings have been held with the Director of the German society of welders K. Middeldorf , which transferred to souvenirs of  Kazakhstan and reached for the conclusion of the cooperation agreement and visit their representatives in 2013 to KSTU.



Bartenev I.A. with the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly of the International Institute of welding, Dr.-Ing. Klaus Middeldorf (right)


3. Visit September 16, 2013 World Exhibition “Welding and Cutting” in the halls of the “Messe Essen” (total 18 pavilions on an area of 11 hectares).



Pavilion No. 6 at the World Exhibition “Welding and Cutting” (Essen)


4. Agreement has been reached with the Deputy the Director of the Institute of Electric Welding E.O.Paton (Kiev) by K. A. Yushchenko on the conclusion of a Treaty on cooperation and visit their specialists in 2013, KSTU.



Exposition with the Electric Welding Institute of  E.O. Paton at the World Exhibition “Welding and Cutting”


Exposition of the Pilot plant of welding equipment of  Electric Welding Institute. E.O. Paton at the World Exhibition “Welding and Cutting”


5. The meeting with the representatives and the President of the Society of welders of Ukraine A.V. Golyakevich. He is planned for the arrival of their delegations at KSTU in 2013.



At a meeting with members of the delegation of the Ukrainian Welding Society A.V. Golyakevich (center right) and employers of the Electric Welding Institute (Kiev)


6. An excursion to the Ford (Cologne) Automobile Plant at September 12, 2013 with the purpose of acquaintance with blanking, assembly and welding production.

2008-2012 years

In August 2008 in Aktau, Mangistau region conducted a competitive selection among graduates KarSTU and 34 people recruited in ERSAI 12 young specialists in welding, a materials science and an ecologist. During his visit, I.A. Bartenev, in October 2008 on the industrial base ERSAI in the village. Kuryk, 80 km from Aktau was drafted and signed a memorandum of cooperation and KarSTU LLP ERSAI. In accordance with the memorandum are scheduled:

– Delivery LLP ERSAI modern welding equipment in the welding lab KarSTU for a joint interdisciplinary training center “Welding”

– Educational-methodical help teachers KSTU in theoretical studies of welders and professionals in the Training Centre LLP ERSAI p>

– Professional development of teachers.

In April 2009, experts on the quality of the LLP ERSAI I. Prilepova and D. Kopysova conducted a seminar for students on international quality management system, as well as interviews with graduates of previous years

To work in the company have been selected yet 5 out of 20 people.

During a visit in May 2009, General Director of LLP ERSAI K. After a KarSTU agreement was signed on the Corporate University, and in June the lab welding entered a new and modern filter-unit EMK-1600 for welding in enclosed spaces, costing more than 1 million tenge, free of charge from the transmitted ERSAI.

At the invitation of the company’s management in accordance with the joint work program in August 2009, Associate Professor IA Bartenev in the training center on the production base ERSAI for a week held 30 hours of lectures for welding production specialists, foremen, and welders, passed July manuals welding and electronic materials for learning.


Organization Welding Institute in Kazakhstan on the instructions of the President of France since the beginning of 2010 deals with French oil company Total »(« TOTAL E & P KAZAKHSTAN »). In April and May of this year preparations were connected to the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan, as well as the Institute of Welding France INSTITUT de SOUDURE.

In carrying out preparatory work April 22, 1913 May and July 29, 2010 Training Center “Welding” at KSTU visited and praised the effectiveness of its work the representatives of the French company «TOTAL E & P» Patrick LANTINE Patric LANTIGNER, Bruno KARSHER Bruno KARCHER and international director of the Institute Welding France INSTITUT de SOUDURE Pascal Roussel Pascal ROUSSEL. During the visit 22.04.2010. They also visited Karaganda steel plant JSC IMSTALCON. In addition, they visited the KazNTU. KI Satpayev (Almaty), the locomotive-manufacturing plant (Astana) in the training center and production base LLP ERSAI (n. Kuryk Mangistau region).

In August of this year representatives of the Committee of Science and KarSTU MES, Industry Ministry, Minneftegaza ROK and the company «TOTAL E & P» was formed by the project team to create the organization and project management. Management objectives of the Kazakhstan Institute of Welding:p>

– Provide Kazakhstan at the International Institute of Welding;

– Provide Kazakhstan at the International Institute of Welding;

– To issue certificates and internationally recognized certificates.

Taking into account the international experience of welding and science, training and specialized institutions in industrialized countries welding Welding Institute in Kazakhstan should be focused on the following areas delnosti:

– Non-destructive testing and diagnostics of welded structures;

– Calculation, design, expertise and advice.

According to the project from TOTAL E & P and INSTITUT de SOUDURE planned:

– Participation in the General Assembly for the ISI of Kazakhstan’s accession to membership in the IIA-July 2011

From 16 to 20 January held a working meeting of the commission the International Institute of Welding. The meeting was held in the building of institute of welding of France in the north of Paris. The session discussed the program for the year of 2012, the documents on certification of welders.

Michel Russo (expert of the International Institute of welding) and

I.A. bartenev(director of the Kazakhstan Institute of welding)


I.A. bartenev in the laboratory of the Institute of Welding France

I.A. bartenev next to the symbol of institute of welding France

Working session of the commission on training and certification of the IAB

The participants of the January session of the International Инстита Welding