International Cooperation




Cooperation with partners from foreign countries has become a permanent and significant factor in the life of department. The department carries out an effective work in the following areas:
Cooperation with the Department of Culture and Education of the U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan in the field of contemporary methods of foreign language teaching and teachers’ professional development. The grant of the US embassy’s program English Language Fellow had been received for invitation of English Language Professor Annah Trunick, Master of Arts (Kent State University, Ohio) as a foreign languages teacher for 2012-2013 academic year. на 2012-2013 ;

Cooperation with the Goethe Institute through the DAAD;


Cooperation with foreign publishers as Macmillan (London);



InterPress on methodological support issues of the Department and teachers’ qualification improvement;


• This result of cooperation was a workshop on Authenticity in English Language Teaching for teachers of department on development and introduction of an innovative component on a basis of authenticity foreign principle with textbook written by professor Sue Kay of Oxford University. The textbook elaboration on ‘Foreign language of new generation’ discipline is conducted.


Professor Sue Kay and Foreign Languages Department teachers


Cooperation with the Peace Corps. The result of Peace Corps with Kazakhstan cooperation was an American specialist Melissa Murphy’s teaching activity on the department, and also realization of ‘Seminar for Women’s Professional Growth in Teaching’ project on professional development for the department teachers under the guidance of five trainers volunteers of the Peace Corps;

Peace Corps volunteers and the teaching staff
Cooperation with NATEK. Teachers of the Department are NATEK members, lead by Jantassova D.D., whose main purpose is to develop English language and culture in Kazakhstan, working with English teachers in rural areas and improving the quality of foreign languages teaching in Kazakhstan. Every year teachers take part in international conferences held by NATEK;


Head of the department Jantassova D.D. is a member of the CALICO consortium on computer linguistic didactics (the USA), the TESOL International American union of teachers of English language (the USA) and IATEFL European Association of teachers of English language (England). The outcome of work in this international organizations is collaboration studying and applications of foreign and domestic research researches, introduction of educational and methodical achievements in educational process of Foreign Languages Department.

Cooperation with the British Council.

The British Council’s scientific and methodical project with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan Official Development Assistance (ODA) is aimed on English as foreign education systems improvement of training technology in Kazakhstan at all its levels (Jantassova D.D is a coordinator of the Central Northern Kazakhstan region), January – March, 2012;

Collaboration with the Hong Kong University, China, which resulted in an invitation of a leading professor Daniel Churchill, director of information technology in education to hold lectures for the teachers and university graduates at this University.

From December 7 to December 14, 2011 courses were held on pedagogy of higher education and information technologies in foreign languages teaching ​​«Pedagogical Design and E-Learning» by Ph.D, Professor, Director of “Information Technologies in Education” of Hong Kong University, Daniel Churchill at the Foreign Languages Department.

The topics of the lectures were the following:

1. Student – centered lessons with Technology

2. Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching and Learning

3. Cloud Computing and What it Means for Educators

4. Pedagogical Design for the department’s teaching staff and graduate students.
Professor D. Churchill made his speech at the educational-methodical seminar on the theme “The organization of educational process at the Hong Kong University”.

Professor D. Churchill became a Trusteeship Board member of KarSTU.



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