International Cooperation

 Double Degree education


 Department of APP in conjunction with the departments of automation MUE, the Baltic, the Omsk government, Sevastopol National Technical University participates in a unique international scientific and educational project “Synergy” group under the auspices of “Festo” (Austria, Germany), including double degree education. President of the Vienna University of Technology  Katalinich B., Director of the Institute “MUE – Festo,” Hero of the Soviet Union, Pilot-Cosmonaut of the USSR, Professor Eliseev A.S.  recommended the grant of 55,000 euros target for the development of modern KSTU, unparalleled, integrated technologies for remote education on electrical engineering disciplines. The agreement in Vienna on 20 th World Symposium DAAM signed KSTU rector, Kazakh National Academy of Sciences  Gazaliyev A.M., who was awarded a gold medal for achievement in education.

Signed an agreement on the formation of double degree education with Tomsk Polytechnic University, specialty “Electric Power” Department of Energy.

In the framework of SCO Open University Department of APP and Energy signed an agreement on international co-operation with the “Center for International Educational Programs Practitioner” (Moscow).

Professor, Ph.D. Tatkeeva G.G. worked with a delegation of experts of Kazakhstan in Germany within the framework of the Federal Government “Energy Efficiency in Industry of Kazakhstan” were established links with many German organizations.

Department of Physics, registered as a foreign member of the Association of Departments of Physics, Technical Universities of Russia.

Successfully developing scientific cooperation department of  TCS with the St. Petersburg and  “Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical Company.”

More than 20 of our students, undergraduates and doctoral students in the Presidential program “Bolashak” trained at leading universities in Russia, the USA, Canada, China and Germany.