International Cooperation

International Cooperation


The department maintains long-term creative relationships with Tomsk Polytechnic University (Russia), the University of JADE (Germany). Collaboration is manifested in scientific relations, methodological advice, a joint publication of textbooks, sharing teaching materials.

In September 2010, PhD Dr. Joseph Timmerberg and Professor Julia Grossklaus University JADE (Germany) on the basis of KSTU conducted scientific seminars, workshops, lectures and presentations in the field of information technology and geomechanics for professorial faculty of the department of APP, Energy, the Type the, IP CAD, PS, masters and bachelors in related disciplines.

For the 2011 – 2012 academic year the department of computer engineering and software for the purpose of lecturing visited 4 foreign scientists:

Vasily Tikhomirov, Ph.D., Professor, Deputy. Dean of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow;
Joseph Timmerberg, professor, Germany;
– Juliya Grossklays, professor, Germany;
– Wolfgang Eggerichs, professor, Germany.

In October 2012, the department adopted a learned professor at Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic – Jiri Dvorak, which is a great pleasure to read lectures, showed workshops, and presentations in the field of information technology.

In November 2012, Associate Professor of the Research Institute of Information Technologies (St. Peteburg) Belozubov AV and associate professor of TPU (Tomsk) Gerget OM based on KSTU made ​​at scientific seminars, demonstrated workshops, lectures and presentations in the field of information technology for the professorial chairs of the Type the teaching staff, IP, CAD, PS, masters and bachelors ICTSI.

Concluded an agreement on scientific exchange with leading accredited foreign educational and scientific organizations implementing the program of doctoral studies:

Technical University «JADE Institute” (Germany);
Moscow State University (MSU Russia);
Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU);
– St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (Russia).


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