The international cooperation

Department of «Information computing systems»(IСS)

In the framework of international activities to provide access to new information and communication technologies in the training of specialists in computer engineering at the department, a system interaction with leading foreign universities is carried out in the following areas:


  • Invitation of scientists;
  • Implementation of Joint International Projects;
  • Foreign professorial training;
  • External mobility of students;
  • Two-degree training.


In November 2018: the scientists were INVITED:

Petrova Irina Yuryevna Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation; member of the SEFI Europea Society of Engineering Education.

November 13, 2018 in the conference hall of KSTU held a scientific and methodological seminar for teachers and undergraduates of the department “Information and Computing Systems” (ITT) “Karaganda State Technical University. The seminar was organized and held by the ICT department together with a foreign scholar invited to the university: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Petrova I.Yu. She is the first vice-rector of the Astrakhan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Astrakhan, Russia). The topic of the seminar: “Modernization of curricula in accordance with the concept of CDIO.”  At the seminar Petrova I.Yu. spoke in detail about the large international project “CDIO Initiative” and about the experience of implementing CDIO standards (Conceive – Design – Implement – Operate = Think up – Develop – Implement – Implement – Manage) in Astrakhan universities.

And in November 2016: was invited:

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Prof. Bogatyrev VA From the St. Petersburg National Research University ITMO.

In September 2015 he was invited:

Prof. Dr. Eduard Gerhardt of the University of Applied Sciences, Coburg, Bavaria / Germany.

In December, 2014: scientists were invited:

Cand.Tech.Radchenko I.A., Candidate of Technical Sciences A.Skshidlevsky. From the University of ITMO (St. Petersburg);

Also prof., Ph.Dasenova-Gotseva D. from the Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria).



The scientists conducted master classes, seminars for the teaching staff, for students and undergraduates – classes on the courses “Information systems and business analytics”, “Reliability of information systems”

The IVC department constantly carries out international activities on joint European projects TEMPUS: “Network Master Program” Informatics as the Second Competence “,” Development of Professional ICT Education on the Basis of the System of National Qualifications in Russia and Kazakhstan “. Coordinators M.K. Baymuldin B.K., Kogai G.D.

European project partners:

  • University College of Ghent (Belgium)
  • Mataró Technology Park (Spain);
  • Alexander University of Technology in Thessaloniki (Greece);
  • University of Library and Information Technologies (Sofia, Bulgaria);
  • Association of Information and Communication Technologies (Romania);
  • Milan Professional Education School (Italy);
  • University of. Pierre Méndez (France);
  • University of Applied Sciences (Germany);
  • Lublin University of Technology (Poland);
  • Savon University of Applied Sciences (Finland).
Partners of the Russian Federation:

Saratov State Technical University is the coordinator of activities of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan;
Astrakhan State Technical University;
Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management;
Ulyanovsk State Technical University;
South Ural State University;
Softline Company (Moscow); Company EPAM (Saratov);
Union of CIOs of Russia;
Scientific and technological park “Novosibirsk”.


Since 2011, the faculty (department of IVS) has been participating in the academic mobility program ERASMUS MUNDUS (eASTANA) – the Eurasian academic partnership in the field of technical disciplines; Since 2012, a program for double-degree education (Double Degree) with TPU has been developed and is being implemented; In 2014, a two-diploma education agreement was signed with the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics.

On a competitive basis, grants were awarded for the Master Degree Program in the Double Degree program:
In 2013, a graduate of the special. IS Zaikin V.G. (University of Genoa, Italy), Master of 2 courses special. IP Trofimova EM (Czech Technical University, Prague);
In 2014, students of the ISM-14-2 group Kaybasova D.Zh., Kalkabaeva A.Zh., Shangeev V.V. (ITMO University, Russia);
In 2016, the undergraduates of the ISM-16-2 group Marushka A., Malyuchenko V. (ITMO University, Russia)

In 2014-2015, agreements were concluded on scientific exchange with leading accredited foreign educational and scientific organizations:
Technical University “JADE Institute” (Germany);
Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU);
St. Petersburg Research Institute of ITMO (Russia).
Moscow Technical University (MIET, Zelenograd),
Russian Peoples Friendship University (PFUR).