International contest of scientific works (projects) on «Mathematics and its applications in science and engineering»

On March 29 2019 in the frame of State program of education development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020 will be held International contest of scientific works (projects) on «Mathematics and its applications in science and engineering» among  university’s students and master’s students .

Following sections’ work is planned:

  • Section 1. Mathematical and computer modeling
  • Section 2. Applied mathematics

Location: KSTU. I-st building, department of «Higher mathematics».

Dates: 27 March 2020y.

Form of holding: full-time/online (remote).

Please send application for participation and materials until March 25 2020y. on e-mail: In the field topic write application for contest (last names of project authors).

Form of application:

Last name, first name, birth name (аauthors) Name of project Specialty (cipher, denomination) Course Scientific supervisor (Last name, first name, birth name) Section Phone number E—mail

Contest curator:

Zhurov Vitalii Vladimirovich

Phone number: 87771865507


Following materials can be presented to contest

1  Multimedia content, software products, creative projects and scientific works (no more than 20 pages).

2 Work description on 2-4 typewritten pages, outlining the relevance, novelty, significance and future use.

3 Scientific spervisor’s review about performed work independence level (in arbitrary form).

Requirements for contest materials

1 Materials for the contest are submitted in electronic (that are sent together with application on written above e-mail) and paper (one copy) versions.

2 Description (section 3) contains a cover sheet indicating University name, faculty, department, academic group, title, last name and initials of the projects authors and their scientific supervisors with signatures.

3 Description is completed according to following parameters:

— left margin – 2.5 cm, right field – 1,5 cm, footer – 2,0 cm;

— font size in Times New Roman 14;

— line spacing – single;

— indent (first line indent) – 1.25 cm