Internal regulations

Internal regulations of KSTU


42  The student has the right to:

– For training in educational grant and contract basis;

– To study in the framework of mandatory accessibility standards;

– For a scholarship in the prescribed amount (for persons enrolled in government contracts);

– On training through individual trajectories;

– To receive supplemental educational services, knowledge, according to their abilities and needs;

– The selection of alternative courses according to the curriculum;

– To choose a teacher, provided a sufficient number of faculty members at the university or the locality;

– Recovery and transfer from one institution to another, from one specialty to another in the manner prescribed by law;

– To freely express their opinions and beliefs;

– Publicity assessments;

– On leave of absence (health, including pregnancy and childbirth)

– The study of individual disciplines in other universities with which the University has concluded agreements;

– To use laboratory equipment, computers, research and reference materials department, institute, libraries;

– To ensure the “guide”, containing information about the learning process, the rights and responsibilities of the student.

– To participate in non-governmental organizations in addressing critical issues of the university and student life;

– To take part in the scientific – research and other activities, and due to the relevant provisions of the Charter of the University;

– Organizes and participate in the work of the scientific – technical creative centers, cooperatives and other self-supporting organizations involved in the solution of scientific – technical problems, publishing;

– On health care and other benefits established for specific troupes of students;

– To encourage and reward academic success, scientific – research and other activities, commendation, awards a diploma, cash prize, awarding a valuable gift, a free ticket to a dispensary or sports – summer camp (the choice of forms of material incentives are proposed by the Directorate, Department of ).

– To live in the dormitories of the university;

– On the recommendation of profiling chairs, high performing students may be transferred to the individual training schedules.


43  The student must:

– Obey the rules of internal order in the premises of the University of KSTU;

– To study and follow the rules of labor protection, safety and industrial hygiene;

– Fulfill the requirements of the curriculum;

– Carry out assignments mayor, supervisor, director, university administration;

– Acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills and chosen field of specialization;

– At the end of the second year successfully pass FCC (intermediate state control);

– Pass the final state certification;

– Promptly arrange educational disciplines, and to provide the Directorate individual curriculum

– Execute the CDS but subjects;

– Daily attendance, in the case of absenteeism due to illness, notify the Directorate of the disease, and after the present director of the Faculty of reference standard form appropriate hospital within 3 days of training;

– Take care of the educational literature and tools, be kind to fellow students, teachers, and others;

– Turn off cell phones during class;

– In the case of absence due to illness in the classroom to inform the Directorate or curator;

– Comply with ethical requirements and generally accepted rules of behavior in public places.


44  At the university there throughput system. Entrance to the housing is made if the student tickets (record books).


45  For breach of discipline, the internal regulations of the University and the student dormitories, as well as the neglect of students referred to in paragraph 43 of these rules, the students can use one of the following disciplinary sanctions:



-exempt from the university.


46  In the case of disciplinary action, comments, reprimand, expulsion from the university, presented to justify the medical records do not justify cancellation of the measures taken.


47  Students need to be disciplined and tidy (banned from in top form in university buildings, except for the sports complex), to be reserved in the manifestation of personal feelings, display them on the street and in public places.




48  Responsibility for improvement in the classroom (the presence of a functioning furniture, educational equipment, the maintenance of normal temperature, lighting, etc.) is vice-rector for administrative work.

For maintenance, repair and safety equipment in labs and classrooms for training manuals for classes meet head. laboratories, engineers and technicians.


49  In the premises of educational institution is prohibited:

– Walking in coats, hats, in top form;

– Loud noises, noise, walking the halls during class;

– Smoking.


50  Rectorate of the University must protect the institution, safety equipment, inventory and other assets, as well as maintaining proper order in educational and residential buildings

Security of the building, property and liability for fire and sanitary conditions imposed by order of the rector of certain persons of administrative staff.

Entrance to the building of the university is to pass.


51  Rector sets office hours for employees and students.


52  The keys to the premises of educational buildings and halls, laboratories and classrooms should be the duty of the university and will be provided on the list established by the vice-rector for administrative work.