Interfaculty competitions University competitions in bench press.

On December 8, 2018 in the gym of Karstu in the framework of the inter-faculty games were held competitions in bench press among students of Karstu.

Result of competitions:

1 place fit.

2 place MF.

3 place FEAT.

4 place ASF.

5 place TDF.

6 place GF.

7 place FIEM.

In personal offset of a place were distributed in the weight category of 59 kg:

1 place Khachatryan Artem TDF.

2 place Senkin Maxim fit.

weight category 66 kg:

1 place Dosmahanbet Ramadan MF.

2 place Starch Alexander GF,

3 place Bazhanov Aibek FEAT.

weight category 74 kg:

1 place Kaiser Andrey ASFURA.

2 place Bazhenov Alexander FEAT.

3 place Botpay boards FIAT.

weight category 83 kg:

1 place Abilkasimov Bakhtiar MT.

2 place Terzi Andrei FEAT.

3 place Voroshilov Alexey fit.

weight category 93 kg:

1 place Kasenov Aslan MF.

2 place Bergstresser Maxim of ASF.

weight category + 93 kg:

1 place Kazarin Artem fit.

2 place Ulyanov Alexey fit.