Informational letter

Informational letter

Karaganda state technical university (KSTU) with formed Kazakhstan Welding Institute in 2011 entered International Welding Institute.

In 2012 at KSTU began pilot project of Welding Institute of France (IS) on training specialists of welding production on programme of International Welding Institute: “International engineer on welder” and “International worker-welder”. Peculiarity of this project is passing of 2-3 month course on free base. Money for implementation of this pilot project is allocated by Contract agency at Min S&G of the RK for the account of assignment of subsoil-user after giving application from KSTU.

From February 11 to 14, 2014 in Paris at Welding Institute of France INSTITUT DE SOUDURE were held meetings of winter Assembly of  International Institute of Welding (IIW). At one of the meetings was listened and approved the report on the activity of the Kazakhstani Institute of welding and Kazakhstan Association of welding KAZWELD.

On May 2014 was scheduled arrival in Kazakhstan by auditors of the International Institute of welding inspection and receipt of full accreditation of the Kazakhstan Institute of Welding and Kazakhstan Association of Welding KAZWELD for the right to conduct training and certification programs IIW:

– international welding engineer;

– international technologist

– welding-international welding expert;

– international practices-welder

– International welder.

Currently Kazakhstan Institute of welding and Kazakhstan Association of welding KAZWELD conducted the selection of candidates and admission of documents for study group 2 «International welding engineer». Training is paid by Contract Agency of the Ministry of oil and gas of Kazakhstan. Therefore, preference is given to employees of the enterprises of this industry. In addition, under the terms of the access of the International Institute of welding the candidate should have an experience in the welding of not less than 3 years and higher technical education in welding, metallurgy and mechanical engineering. Course start is planned on 7th April 2014. Duration – 1,5 months in the spring and 1,5 months from 1st October.

Courses are planned in June and September-October, 2012 for specialists in welding with high technical, secondary specialized education and for workers-welders. Received diploma is acknowledged in all 55 states-members of International Welding Institute.

For study it’s necessary to give application at KSTU on e-mail or Application must be directed on form showed below (look at table), signed by Head of enterprise or senior engineer, senior technologist on enterprise’s form certified at personnel department. Preference will be given for working specialties (1,2 tables).

Application must be given in pdf. format


Level of study Full name IIN Home address, phone, e-mail Work place Job position
1. Electro-gas welder
2. Controller of welding works
3 Engineer-welder

Head of Kazakhstan Welding Institute at KSTU, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor Bartenev I.A.