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WELCOME TO THE Innovation Technology faculty!

The number of students at the Innovation Technology faculty is about 700 students of full-time tuition and it is implemented training in 6 specialties to get Bachelor’s Degree, 3 specialties to get Master’s Degree.

The faculty includes 4 departments: “Information systems”, “Computer engineering and software”, “Instrument making”, “Computer-Aided Design”, general education department “Informatics”. Educational activity is carried out by 90 lecturers among them there are 3 doctors of sciences, 1 PhD and 25 candidates of sciences. According to the results of 2011 the institute took the third place in the competition of KarSTU for title “The best institute”.

The feature of information and computer technologies consists in that this field of knowledge is extremely dynamic, constantly being updated. Therefore, one of the main goals of education which is set by the Innovation Technology faculty is formation of student’s psychological readiness and ability to get new knowledge independently, to master methods of access to new information, to use efficiently capacity of Internet.