Information of the state budget funding projects according to Zhas Galym-3  project for 2022-2024

AP15473335 “Developing and studying an ultrasonic method of purifying exhaust gases of internal combustion engines of transport equipment”, p.m. Sarsembekov B.K.


The hypothesis of the study is the possibility of exhaust gases purification due to the action of an ultrasonic emitter located in the muffler of the vehicle and increasing hydrodynamic coagulation of the exhaust gases of the vehicle internal combustion engine.

The relevance of the study is determined by the absence of such designs and methods of studying.

Project purpose

The purpose of the study is to obtain results that allow for the calculation, design of an ultrasonic automobile silencer and the development of its prototype.

Expected and achieved results

The expected results are theoretical and experimental dependences relating the operation mode of the internal combustion engine (the number of revolutions of the crankshaft, the capacity of the combustion chambers, etc.) and the operating mode of the ultrasonic generator (power, frequency), the mathematical model of the ultrasonic silencer, benches and designs of experimental ultrasonic automobile mufflers, utility model patent and copyright certificates.

The results obtained will make it possible to develop a scientific and technical area to develop a constructive and industrial base for manufacturing and implementing such equipment. In addition, with the development of this area, the scientific, technical and personnel potential of our organization will be expanded. The developed projects will be transferred to machine-building plants and vehicle fleets (Mashzavod No. 1, Karaganda, Bus Depot No. 3 LLP, Karaganda) for manufacturing and selling ultrasonic automobile mufflers.

The degree of readiness for commercialization is determined by the simplicity of design, the absence of the need to manufacture a new silencer, and modernization of the existing automobile silencers.

Research team

  1. Sarsembekov Bauyrzhan Koblanovich – project manager, MT, lecturer of the College of Innovative Technologies.

Hirsch index – 1. Author ID in Scopus: 57247269800

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-4815-1823

  1. Kadyrov Adil Suratovich – scientific consultant, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of the TT&LS Department

Hirsch index – 5.

Researcher ID: W-4738-2018

Author ID in Scopus: 57194507769

Information for potential consumers

A full-sized ultrasonic bench for exhaust gas of internal combustion engines of vehicles purification will be manufactured, a report and a user manual will be generated, a technical specification for the design of an ultrasonic automobile muffler for purifying exhaust gases from internal combustion engines of transport vehicles.


IRN АР15473207 “Developing the technology of manufacturing defect-free homogeneous castings by the lost foam casting method”, p.m. Kovaleva T.V.

Relevance. In our country, a number of casting methods are used: sand-clay casting, investment casting, pressure casting. One of the most common and promising methods is lost foam casting (LFC). One should strive to reduce the specific consumption of castings for manufacturing industrial products. The use of lost foam casting leads to increasing the geometric and dimensional accuracy of castings, metal consumption decreases, metal costs and prime cost decrease. Machining costs in manufacturing castings using LFC are reduced by about 25% or more due to the exclusion of complex machining of internal surfaces; in many cases machining of castings can be completely eliminated or reduced to a minimum, so cleaning of castings is easier and faster. Implementation of the project will make it possible to commercialize the results obtained in production, for example, at the enterprises of the Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, the Parkhomenko KMZ LLP, etc.

Project purpose: obtaining castings of dense and uniform composition and structure with low cost and prospects for further commercialization.

Expected results:

– a new composition of polystyrene foam gasified model with low cost;

– a technology of manufacturing defect-free castings with a dense, homogeneous structure using new technological modes of lost foam casting;

– receiving an experimental batch of castings, a flow chart of the process developed and agreed with representatives of the production, an act of testing the technology in industrial conditions.

– substantiation of the optimal selection of casting melting modes for LFC will be made; the conditions and modes of manufacturing dense castings homogeneous in structure will be selected using the LFC method; a matrix of experiments will be compiled.

Research team

  1. Kovaleva Tatyana Viktorovna – project manager, MT, teacher of the NTM Department

ORCID 0000-0002-1186-1805

Researcher ID A-2567-2017

Scopus ID 57211297553

SPIN: 6151-2800

  1. Issagulov Aristotel Zeynullinovich – scientific consultant, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Executive Director of NPJSC Abylkas Saginov Karaganda Technical University.

ORCID 0000-0003-2174-9072

Researcher ID C-7415-2016

Scopus ID 57211295299

SPIN: 3643-2646

Information for potential consumers

The results obtained can be implemented in the blank shops of machine-building production, the theoretical and practical results of this work can be used in the foundry industry, as well as for educational purposes.