Information on state budget financing projects for the “Zhas Galym” -1 project for 2022-2024.

AP13268891 “Development of effective technological schemes of stripping of low thickness deposits, providing reduction of ore dilution, taking into account the geomechanical state of the rock massif”, scientific supervisor of the project Suimbayeva Aigerim Maratovna

Relevance. Creation of technological schemes to optimize the parameters of drilling and blasting operations (DBO), providing a reduction in ore dilution, taking into account the geomechanical state of the rock massif when stripping low thickness ore bodies with highly fractured stable host rocks, has always been an important task in the mining industry.

At present, ore dilution is an unsolved problem in almost all low thickness deposits. The peculiarity of the field development technology is the overplanned dilution of ore due to the seizure of the adjacent thickness of host rocks, which is caused by such properties of the massif as unfavorable orientation of fractures, host rocks, fractured structure of the massif and weak cohesion of two different lithological differences (ore-rock), etc. The consequence of excessive dilution leads to increased costs of transportation of excessive rock mass due to rock mass seizure and ore processing, and ultimately to an increase in the cost of the mineral.

Optimization of DBO parameters on the basis of a set of geotechnical works can be the answer to the question of how to ensure cost reduction and increase the efficiency of tunneling and cleaning works while maintaining the high quality of the mined mineral component. Consequently, reduction of ore dilution is an urgent scientific and practical task.

Project objective

The objective of the project is to carry out geotechnological research on zoning of the deposit areas by rock stability rating according to the geological strength index for the development of optimal drilling and blasting passports for mining of low thickness ore bodies depending on their thickness, providing a reduction in ore dilution.

Expected and achieved results

In the course of the project implementation, research was carried out to study the regularities of reducing the seismic impact of the blast force on the surface massif and the efficiency of pre-developed DBO passports ensuring ore dilution was assessed. The most effectively used rating indicators of stability to mining and geological conditions of “Zholymbet” deposit were substantiated and zoning of the deposit areas by stability category was performed. A geotechnical block model was created to assess the geomechanical condition of the rock massif around the cleaning block, taking into account the influence of blasting quality and geological strength index.  DBO passports were developed for stripping of low-power ore bodies taking into account their thickness, geological strength index and changes in blast hole parameters. Pilot tests of the developed technological schemes for mining of low-power ore bodies were carried out in the conditions of the “Zholymbet” mine.

Published: 1 article in a highly-rated scientific journal indexed by the international database SCOPUS; 1 article in a journal included in the CQAFSH database; 1 certificate of state registration of intellectual property rights was obtained

Research Group

  1. Suimbayeva Aigerim Maratovna – PhD, acting assistant professor of MA&OS department, scientific supervisor.

Hirsch Index – 3, Researcher ID – AAC-8234-2022,

ORCID – 0000-0001-6582-9977, Scopus Author ID – 57204776922

  1. Imashev Askar Zhanbolatovich – PhD, Head of DMD Department, scientific adviser.

Hirsch Index – 6, Researcher ID – ABC-2138-2021,

ORCID – 0000-0002-9799-8115, Scopus Author ID – 57204153972

List of publications in 2023

  1. Salkynov A., Zeitinova S., Rimkulova A., Suimbayeva A. Research into deformation processes in the rock mass surrounding the stoping face when mining sloping ore deposits // Mining of Mineral Deposits, 2023, No.17(2) P.82-90 (DB Scopus, percentile – 67)
  2. Imashev A.Zh., Suimbayeva A.M., Mahmudov D., Auelbekova A. Review analysis of modern methods for determining ore dilution // Proceedings of the University, 2023. –No.3(92). – P.166-171. (CQAFSHE)
  3. Suimbayeva A.M., Imashev A.J., Musin A.A. Improving the quality of blasting indicators by studying the natural stress field and the impact of the blast force on the rock mass // Certificate of inclusion of information in the state register of rights to copyrighted objects No. 35437 from “4” May 2023.

Information for potential users

Drill and blast passports will work to minimize the seismic impact on the rock mass, which in turn will reduce ore dilution to the design rate. Reduction of ore dilution will reduce the volume of excess rock mass transportation, stabilize the geomechanical condition of the rock mass and improve the safety of rock mining.

Field of application. When developing passports for drilling and blasting operations for the extraction of low-power ore bodies.



AP13268843 “Study of the oil and gas potential of the pre-Mesozoic complex of the Aryskum trough of the South Torgai basin”, scientific supervisor Madisheva R.K.


In the Aryskum trough, oil and gas deposits are confined mainly in Jurassic and Cretaceous sediments, as well as Devonian-Lower Carboniferous formations of the quasi-platform complex and disintegrated protrusions of the basement. At present there are 52 oil and gas fields, the depletion of initial recoverable reserves of which is rather high. Oil and gas occurrences of pre-Mesozoic formations up to commercial oil inflows allow to draw conclusions about the presence of certain potential of oil and gas bearing capacity in them. In this regard, the determination of the origin of oil and the forecast of the direction of hydrocarbon migration is relevant to justify deep drilling in order to replenish the mineral resource base of the country.


Genetic typing of hydrocarbons, determination of fluid-communicability of structures and determination of migration direction based on the results of biomarker analysis and fingerprinting of oils from fields of Aryskum trough of South-Torgai oil and gas bearing basin.

Expected and achieved results:

The results of the analysis of new data on hydrocarbon geochemistry of the South Torgai basin allowed us to draw the following conclusions:

  1. According to the results of pyrolytic analysis of the core, which allows estimating the generative potential of the oil-producing rock, it was found that the studied samples have potential from bad to good in terms of Sorg content (from 0.47 to 1.41), as well as in terms of S2 parameter (from 1.1 to 9 mg HC/g of rock).
  2. Determination of the kerogen type by the graph of Sorg dependence on hydrocarbon potential showed that the vast majority of the studied samples belong to the kerogen type II and III, and only the sample from the depth of 1897.36 m, with maximum TOC and S2 are within the kerogen type I. Characteristics of kerogen and initial organic matter by pyrolytic parameters HI, Tmax refer to kerogen of type II-III, presumably with oil and gas formation and kerogen of type I with probable oil generation.

The hydrogen (HI) and oxygen (OI) indices of the studied samples, which allow us to determine the facies-genetic types of organic matter, indicate predominantly humus and less frequently humus-sapropelic origin, which allows us to conclude that the organic matter of the studied samples accumulated in moderately reducing conditions (kerogen types III and II) and coastal-marine environment (kerogen type I).

The organic matter of the studied samples is thermally mature according to Tmax, but the degree of maturity of the organic matter of cores from the depths of 1682.9 m (Daulov Formation) and 1896.54 m (Kumkol Formation) is lower. is estimated as low.

  1. По значениям Pr/Ph первичная нефтепродукция органического вещества Акшабулакского грабена формировалась в субокислительных условиях, а Аксайского горста и Бозингенского грабена – в окислительной среде.

In the initial organic matter of oils of the Aksai gorst, an increased content of gamma-ceran was noted, indicating a higher mineralization of the basin. The formation of the initial oil-forming substance of oils from Cretaceous sediments deposited, apparently, in marine, possibly shallow-water conditions was established.

  1. Carbon isotope composition (δ13C) of oils allowed to reveal genetic connection of the studied samples of Aryskum basin oils with organic matter of sapropelic type (kerogen type I and II), as well as their formation from organic matter of mixed humic – sapropelic type.
  2. The results of the presented geochemical studies indicate the possibility of predicting new zones of oil and gas accumulation in the sediments of the Lower and Middle Jurassic, occupying significant volumes of the sedimentary execution of grabens, which in turn allows expanding the idea of hydrocarbon potential of these fields in the section of the South Turgai basin.

Figure 1: Graphs: (a) geochemical section of the source rocks of the core samples of the

R-4 well; (b) dependence of TOC on hydrocarbon potential in the core samples of the

Aryskum trough of the South Torgai basin, Kazakhstan

Figure 2: Graphs of Cretaceous deposits of the Aryskum trough of the South Torgai basin; a is the dependence of the hydrogen index (HI) on the Jurassic Tmax: b is the correlation between the hydrogen index (HI) and the oxygen index (OI), Kazakhstan.

Research team

  1. Madisheva Rima Kopbosynkyzy – Supervisor, PhD, Senior Researcher of KazMRDI, Acting Associate Professor of G&ME Department.

Hirsch Index – 1

ResearcherID: M-3883-2014

Scopus Author ID: 57216301476

  1. Portnov Vasily Sergeevich – Scientific Advisor, D.Sc. in engineering Professor of G&ME Department

Hirsch Index – 2

ResearcherID: N-1982-2015

Scopus Author ID: 55750611900

Publication for 2023:

Madisheva, R.K., Portnov, V.S., Amangeldiyeva, G.B. et al. Geochemical prerequisites for the formation of oil and gas accumulation zones in the South Turgay basin, Kazakhstan. Acta Geochim (2023).

         Information for potential users:

The experimental data obtained and the conclusions drawn from them can be used to trace hydrocarbon migration paths and predict the extent of oil and gas accumulation in this region.

AP13268841 “Development of technology to maintain preparatory mine workings for conditions of coal mines” scientific supervisor Zhumabekova Ayla Ermekovna

Relevance is to provide reasonable technological solutions for determining the parameters of fasteners for its effective operation and can be achieved in the development and implementation of technology and means with justification of fastening parameters, taking into account the stress-strain state of the host rocks, which will reduce labor and material costs in the operation of mine workings, as well as to achieve a high technical and economic effect and improve the safety of underground mining operations.

Project Objective

Development of technology for maintaining preparatory excavations on the basis of controlling the stress-strain state of the contour rock mass in front of the mine face.

Expected and achieved results:

– development of technology and means of fastening taking into account the geomechanical condition of the massif and mining development schemes (apply for a patent; intellectual property certificate: for a computer program or a training manual);

– formation of progressive technological solutions, production of pilot batch of means of contour hardening of rock mass and monitoring of introduced technologies of fastening of excavation contours (testing of pilot batches of various purposes);

– pilot testing and realization of research results on improvement of technological schemes of excavation with rope and composite anchors in mine conditions (act of mine pilot tests);

– creation of progressive methods of fastening for excavations in zones of geological disturbances, zones of increased mining pressure (technological schemes), including with synthetic resins.

Figure 1: Research visit to the Nurkazgan mine project of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP

Figure 2. Conducting research work within the framework of the project at the Tusup Kuzembaev mine of JSC Arcelor Mittal Temirtau СD

Research team

  1. Zhumabekova Ayla Ermekovna – scientific supervisor, senior lecturer of the Department of “Development of Mineral Deposits”

Hirsch Index – 2.

Author ID in Scopus: 57209741110

Researcher ID Web of Science: AAA-6811-2022

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1501-5382

Researcher ID in Publons: AAA-6811-2022

  1. Demin Vladimir Fedorovich – Scientific Advisor, Professor of the Department “Development of Mineral Deposits”

Hirsch Index – 3.

Author ID in Scopus: 57212219714

Researcher ID Web of Science: AAD-7143-2022

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1718-856X

Researcher ID in Publons: AAD-7143-2022

List of publications

  1. Usenbekov M.S Isabek T.K., Polchin A.I, Zhumabekova A.E. Dynamics of methane emission during mining operations in zones of geological disturbances. Mining information and analytical bulletin (scientific and technical journal), 2022, (12), P. 141-151. (Scopus 36%). Citation,

  1. Issabek T., Ussenbekov M., Zhumabekova A. Gas control in mines of the Karaganda basin (Republic of Kazakhstan). Key trends of integrated innovation-driven scientific and technological development of mining regions : monograph. – Petroșani, Romania : UNIVERSITAS Publishing, 2023. – Р. 150-176.

Information for potential users

Underground mine workings at the mines of Karaganda coal basin are in unstable condition (by displacements of rocks of the roof, soil and sides), are maintained with significant material costs and labor intensity of works, which is due to the lack of justification for compliance of parameters of their fastening to the conditions of operation in the given mining and geological, technical and production conditions. Adoption of reasonable technological solutions for determining the parameters of fastening and effective operation is necessary geomechanical predictive evaluation of the deformed state of the rocks of the surrounding rock mass around the perimeter of the mine workings. Development and implementation of technology and means with justification of parameters of their fastening with regard to the stress-strain state of the host rocks will reduce labor costs and material costs in the operation of underground mine workings.

Today, one of the urgent directions of development of the coal industry is the development and testing of technological resource-saving methods and active means of fixing workings with stabilization of the rock mass to achieve a high technical and economic effect and improve the safety of mining operations.

Field of application

Mining, technique and technology of solid minerals extraction, implementation, support and repair of mining operations.


AP13268798 Development and industrial testing of technological schemes for strengthening of weakened zone of rocks at the intersection of geological disturbance by preparatory excavation s.w. Khalikova E.R.


The mining and geological conditions are constantly deteriorating due to the increasing depth of development of mineral deposits.

Increasing the stability of mine workings is one of the most important tasks in the underground development of mineral deposits.

Unsatisfactory condition of mine workings causes difficult to account indirect financial and labor costs, and also has a negative impact on a number of processes related to the technology of coal mining (transport, ventilation, drainage, etc.). Therefore, the problem of mine workings stability remains one of the most urgent and determining the efficiency of coal mines in different basins of the country.

The prospect of development of the presented scientific direction for underground works in the coal industry of the RK currently depends on the use of the results of scientific and applied research and pilot testing at coal mines of the Karaganda basin. Therefore, pilot testing and commercialization of Kazakhstan technology to prevent the collapse of the massif in the zones of increased displacements due to various types of disturbances in the bedding of the host rocks during underground workings on the basis of numerical modeling of the stress-strain state of the rock massif is an urgent task in the field of mining in various mining conditions of preparation and schemes of coal seam mining.

Project objective

Development of technological schemes for strengthening the weakened zone of rocks at the intersection of a geological disturbance by a preparatory excavation, providing increased stability of rocks surrounding the excavation.

Expected results

As a result of the project, the following will be developed

  1. At least two (2) articles will be published in journals from the first three quartiles of impact factor in the Web of Science database or having a CiteScore percentile of at least 50 in the Scopus database.
  2. At least 2 research articles will be published in journals in the CQAFSH, RSCI database.
  3. The monograph will be published in Russian in a domestic publishing house.
  4. It is planned to obtain 1 patent in Kazakhstan patent office, 1 certificate on registration of copyright objects.
  5. The act of implementation for technological developments will be obtained.
  6. A web page will be created on the university website, which will contain brief information about the project, the results obtained, information about the project participants, etc.
  7. The results of the research will be used in the preparation of educational and methodological materials on the specialty “Mining Engineering” students of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies.

Figure 1 – Research work within the framework of the project at industrial enterprises of Karaganda region

Research team

  1. Khalikova Elvira Ravilovna – supervisor, PhD, senior researcher KazMRDI, senior lecturer of the department “Development of Mineral Deposits”.

Hirsch Index – 1. Author ID in Scopus: 57212216553

Researcher ID Web of Science: ABE-4117-2021

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1501-8492

Researcher ID in Publons: ABE-4117-2021

  1. Demin Vladimir Fedorovich – Scientific Advisor., Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department of “Development of Mineral Deposits”.

Hirsch Index – 3. ORCID ID: 0000-0002-1718-856X

Author ID in Scopus: 57212219714

Researcher ID Web of Science: AAD-7143-2022

Researcher ID in Publons: AAD-7143-2022

List of publications

  1. Zholmagambetov, N., Khalikova, E., Demin, V., Balabas, A., Abdrashev, R., & Suiintayeva, S. (2023). Ensuring a safe geomechanical state of the rock mass surrounding the mine workings in the Karaganda coal basin, Kazakhstan. Mining of Mineral Deposits, 17(1), 74-83.
  2. R. Khalikova, V.F. Diomin, R.A. Mussin, A.P. Krakovsky, U.Zh. Khanafin. Monitoring of the stress-strain state during preparatory workings. Complex utilization of mineral raw materials. 2023. No.1. 68-75.
  3. Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 7955 Rope anchor/ Khalikova E.R., Demin V.F., Isakov B.K., Zhumabekova A.E., Demina T.V., Abdrakhman E.A., Tanekeeva G.D., Balabas A.Yu.; publ. 04/14/2023

Information for potential users

As a result of the project, technological schemes for installing the developed support will be developed, which ensures a reduction in the cost of maintaining workings in a disturbed mountain range, commensurate in amplitude with the removed reservoir capacity, while motivating work to improve the safety and efficiency of coal mining in the mines of the Karaganda basin.

Scope of application

Mining operations of the coal industry with the spread of the obtained scientific and technical potential to underground mining enterprises.