Information about the Republican contest of creative works “To be a patriot of your Homeland means to carry Kazakhstan in your heart”

On December 1, the people of Kazakhstan proudly celebrate the Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – the founder of an independent state that ensured the unity of Kazakhstan, protection of the Constitution, human rights and freedoms. It was in the Year of the 30th anniversary of Independence of RK as a sign of respect to the Leader of the Nation for his outstanding services from 05 to 15 November 2021. On the basis of KTU, the Department of Russian Language and Culture organized and held the Republican competition of creative works “To be a patriot of your homeland means to carry Kazakhstan in your heart.”

The competition was held under the guidance of the head. Department of RYaK, Ph. D., associate professor B.R. Ospanova. Student works were assessed by a jury consisting of: T.T. Savchenko, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of the Department of RNaC of the Karaganda Technical University, Sizova D.V. – Associate Professor of the Center for the Development of Languages ​​of the NJSC “Medical University of Karaganda”, Aldasheva G.B. – Senior Lecturer of the Department of Languages ​​of the West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Ospanova, G.A. Knashina – Deputy for Academic Affairs of the Polytechnic College of the Corporation “Kazakhmys”.

The goals and objectives of the competition were: the formation of feelings of patriotism, involvement in the history of the country, the formation of citizenship and tolerance, instilling pride in their country and the leader of the nation.

The competition was attended by students of universities and college students of Kazakhstan: KazNU named after al-Farabi (Almaty), NJSC “KazNMU” named after Asfendiyarov (Almaty), West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after M. Ospanova (Aktobe), Astana International University (Nur-Sultan), Eurasian Humanitarian Institute (Nur-Sultan), Kazakh-American University (Nur-Sultan), Karaganda Technical University, Karaganda University named after … E.A. Buketova, Karaganda Medical University (Karaganda), Kazakhmys Corporation Polytechnic College (Balkhash).

The total number of works sent to the Competition was 187. Of these, 121 works in Russian, 66 works in the state language.

In choosing the winners, the jury was guided by the criteria of clarity of presentation, competence, literacy and relevance of the problem.

 The results of the Contest were distributed as follows:

  • works in Russian

1st place:

  • Rakhmetullaeva Kamila (head Shershneva A.N.), group 208B OM of ZKMU named after M. Ospanov (Aktobe)

2nd place:

  • Medetov Anuar (head Timokhina TV), IS-21-1 KTU group (Karaganda).
  • Omirzak Alua (head Lamanova AS), group Dentistry -1007 NJSC “Medical University of Karaganda” (Karaganda).

3rd place:

  • Zhalelova Dinara (head Azimbaeva Zh.A.), group IS -21-1 KTU (Karaganda)
  • Maral Rauan (head Ivanova S.A.), group ARX-21-1 Kartu (Karaganda)
  • work in the state language

1st place:

  • Talapova Dilnaz (head Kairakbayeva GS), group TFP-019-2 KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarova (Almaty)

2nd place:

  • Zhanasykova Aruana (head K.Zh. Zhapparova), group MCM-21-09 Polytechnic college of corporation “Kazakhmys” (Balkhash city)
  • Meiramkali Zeynep (head G.S. Kairakbaeva), group Biology 21-10 KazNU named after al-Farabi (Almaty)

3rd place:

  • Elubay Zhanbota (head N.V. Dokuchaeva), group TSAF-19-2 KTU (Karaganda)
  • Sembekova Akmarzhan (head A.Yu. Kishenova), group OPI 21-2 KTU (Karaganda)

The competition committee has identified the best works in three nominations:

Nomination “For originality and creativity”

  1. Myrzageldi Akbota, group P21-004-02, KazNMU named after S.D. Asfendiyarov, Almaty.
  2. Rakhimova Nargiz, group Economy-21A, MU Astana, Nur-Sultan.
  3. Dietler Artyom, group SV-21-09, Polytechnic college of corporation “Kazakhmys”, Balkhash.

Nomination “For the style of writing and integrity of presentation”

  1. Zholdybaeva Symbat, group 214B General medicine, West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanova, Aktobe.
  2. Kabepova Zayra, MU Astana, Nur-Sultan.
  3. Zabdolla Bektas, group VT 21-1, KTU, Karaganda.

Best argumentation nomination

  1. 1.Baltabayeva Aruzhan, group 113A General medicine, West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanova, Aktobe.
  2. Ayazbai Asanali, group VT-21-1, Kartu, Karaganda.
  3. Ushimova Ayim, group RET -21-1, KTU, Karaganda.

 The organizers express their gratitude to all participants of the competition for their activity and the work done.