Information-analytical centre

iac_enMain activities:
— creation of uniform information base of the University;
— access to the databank of the heads of divisions
— informational and organizational support of development Programs of the University
— collection and analysis of information on the status and prospects of achievements of the University, key figures in the scientific and educational sphere;
— information support of administration of the University;
— formation of annual reports of operating activities.

The objectives of the Center are:
2.1.1.Information and analytical ensuring activities of the University.
2.1.2.Development and monitoring of University activity, synthesis of information about the development of the University and the achievement of key indicators in all areas of the University.
2.1.3. The creation of a unified information base of the University.

2.2. The objectives of the Center are:
2.2.1.Gathering information about the state and prospects of development of KSTU in accordance with the vision of the University.
2.2.2.Preparation of information materials at the request of the University administration, departments, etc.
2.2.3. Access to the databank in the preparation of materials requested by MES RK and akimat of Karaganda and Karaganda region.

II. Functions Of The Centre
3.1. The collection and processing, analysis of statistical data on network metrics, the contingent and the educational process at all levels of education. The formation of the database.
3.2. Monitoring and analysis of implementation of strategic documents.
3. 3. Analysis of information materials, the rating of universities of Kazakhstan and the position of the University in this ranking.
3.4. The collection and analysis of indicators, calculation of the rating of faculties, departments and faculty members.
3.5. The provision of information upon requests of the University administration.

Information-analytical center

Kazakhstan, Karaganda
tel: 8 (7212) 565935
(int.) 1072
Boulevard Mira 56, KSTU
main building, room 236