Information about the department

Rector’s order № 361 Department “Vocational training and initial military training” was created from 22.06.2009 year (CWP), which became part of the Military-Technical Faculty. Rector Order №651 from September 1, 2012 transformed into the Department of Military-Technical Institute.

The need for a chair at the Technical University due to the need for technical and vocational education system for qualified personnel Engineering-pedagogical profile, the preparation of which is possible only on the basis of technical universities, since they have a high level of equipment manufacturing equipment, as well as highly qualified engineering personnel.
The newly created Department has a high scientific and pedagogical potential. Currently, the department has one professor: Ismakova BS, p. Teachers: Zhunusov BB, Zhanzakov KG, Ashimov ET, Talipov KA, Senkin VA Teachers: Svyazhenin NP, Mukhashev JC, SA Akashev with appropriate basic education. In the learning process implemented training and methodological development of the teaching staff of the department, as well as automated training programs and e-learning resources.
The Department opened a research institute of vocational training problems.
The department operates the Interdisciplinary Center for training and retraining of technical and engineering and teaching staff for the VET system, the purpose of which is to improve the skills and professional competence of teachers in technical and vocational education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is planned:
On the basis of the Interbranch Center conducted training courses for teachers of vocational schools, high schools and colleges.
Signing the agreement on creative collaboration with the Russian Professional Pedagogical University (Ekaterinburg);
Creating a continuous learning path “lyceum – college – high school”;
The Organization Department of the branches on the basis of the Department of Education of Karaganda region, vocational schools, colleges, gymnasiums and schools.