“Infinite science” on the Kazakh TV channel

TV company “Aport” is an updated version of the program “Infinite science” (Science without borders) on the Kazakh TV channel.

The supervisor of research projects for possible commercialization and representation of progressive experience in a professional work environment to prepare presentation posters for inclusion in a television programme on Kazakh TV channel on a commercial basis.

Project goal: to show the audience that science, as a way of understanding the world that has no borders, and thanks to her, we are expanding the horizons of reality.

The frequency of the output of the program on the air: 2 times a month.

Duration: 10 minutes.

If You want to participate in the project and willing to provide sponsorship to pay travel expenses of the crew to contact the Executive producer — Ovchinnikova Larisa Anatolievna. Tel: 8702 218 7203, 8701 783 7921.

Detailed information can be obtained from the Department of science (main building, room 226, tel 56-68-22, int 2226)