Industrial practice process

For the first time promotion practical examination in group 11KEP-09 of Technological college at KARGTU was carried out on the basis of JSC Karagandinsky zavod elektrotekhnicheskogo oborudovaniya. Graduates carried out the practical tasks developed by specialists of plant according to requirements to qualification “electromecanics”. Into structure of the commission entered: Director general of JSC Karagandinsky zavod elektrotekhnicheskogo oborudovaniya Li Dmitry Nikolaevich, director for production Ledovsky Yury Viktorovich, director of the RGP Karaganda branch «Republican scientific and methodical center of development of TIPO and qualification assignment» Aymagambetov Gulmira’s MON RK Toleuovna. The commission noted good readiness of pupils.
The pupils who have shown the best results at delivery of a promotion examination: Mudrovsky Mikhail, Tchizhov Vladimir, Ilyasov Zhasulan, Eleusizov Timur, Ivanochkin Oleg, Malikov Kuanysh, Dvoryaninov Alexander, Arunov Nauryzbay, etc.

The big impression was made by laboratory base of polytechnical college.

In end of work of a seminar the exchange of opinions on a role of social partners in the course of preparation of experts of TiPO has taken place.