In the period from 23 to 24 October 2015 at the recreation center “Kosmonavt” in Temirtau hosted the annual autumn departure of students “Wake up”.

Annual autumn departure of students-the leaders of the first course of Karaganda state technical University is one of large-scale events at the beginning of the school year and gives an opportunity to realize intellectual and creative potential, develop their personal qualities, acquisition of new knowledge and skills, recreation, and motivation for further self-development.
The main direction of autumn departure — teaching students self-development in the University, proper management of your time. In connection with this particular point of departure trainings were conducted by specially invited guests check out, University graduates who were previously activists of the trade Union.
Two days out, students had the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of adventure and fantasy, split up into teams and participating in various creative competitions. According to the results of the activities of the team, who won, were awarded gift certificates from the sponsors: café with a unique concept of “Headquarters”, the game “Bumper Ball”, and “Ser Burger”.
Give the participants the skills of leadership, teamwork, time-management, organization of events; learn more about the history and objectives of the Union; to introduce students to the main governmental programmes aimed at young people; to familiarize students with the educational work of the University; involvement of students of the University to work in the Union, activity and cohesion of the University students were the main objectives of the autumn training departure that has been made in conducting lectures, workshops, creative competitions and master classes.
Kusbekova Manara,group ST-12-1P