In November 2014 the competitions between departments on “Kazakh kuresi.”

In the competition was attended by 77 students from eight faculties.
Among the participants:

In weight 55kg First place – Askarov Baқtiyar gr.OP-13-1.
                       Second place – Zhumahanov Almas gr.OP-14c.
                 Third place – Iskakov Ali gr.OP-13-2.

In weight 60kg First place – Erіkұly Tanat gr.GIK-14-1.
                   Third place – Saduov Nұrlybek c. BT-14-1.

In weight 70kg First place – Kabdygaliev Aybek gr.BZhD-14c.
                 Second place – Қozykenov Bektas c. TE-13-2.
                 Third place – Ualiev Ernұr c. BT-14-4.

In weight 80kg First place – Tөken Zhanadіl gr.GPR-14-1.
                       Second place – Ermek Maғyzhan c. TP-13-1s.
                       Third place – Құrbanbek Aқtөre c. TC-11-1.

In weight 90kg First place – Kөpzhasarov Madiyar c. GD-14-1.
                      Second place – Zhirenbaev Aydin gr.GD-11-2.
                      Third place – Aқbergenov Duman c. OP-11-6.

In weight 90 st place – VATS Michael c. NVP-14-5.
                      Second place – Kabyzov Zaytyn c. GM 11-1.
                      Third place – Marat Sayran c. CT-12-4.

Among the faculty team place.

First place – GF
Second place – THP
Third place – WTF
IV place – FEE
V place – ASF
VI place – MF
VIImesto – PEM
VIII place – FIT