Implementation of the future starts now

“The President’s words about the future of the country concern all of us” – it is a thesis put forward by the head of akim of Karaganda region Kairat Nurkenov during the work of the University student conference, dedicated to the address and the message of the President became the leitmotif of the entire event. Discussion was held on 17 February in KSTU. The burning questions for each were considered: religious and political situation in the country, social reform, the development of human potential.

Kairat Nurkenov in his speech noted the achievements of the Polytechnic University before the country. He highly praised the training and the role of the University in the implementation of the industrialization program of the state. Also he pointed out the need to clearly present the tasks that stand before each of the citizen of Kazakhstan. Explaining the priorities of the Message of the Head of the Republic, the delegate said in particular: “The world does not rest on its laurels. Before the development of the society was slow, consequently the demand in front of people was lower, but now everything has changed. Technological boom makes each of us a member of the modernization race in various fields. Every year there is another leap in the field of IT – technologies. The program proposed by the President will allow us not to lag behind in this race, and to solve the problem of access to the number of the thirty most developed countries of the world. I believe that the task is within our scope of abilities”.

The need on modernization of human capital in the country was particularly noted in the report of deputy of municipal maslikhat Vladimir Shnel. Pointing to a positive trend in the area of human resources on the example of “Arcelor Mittal Temirtau” company, the author of the report wished people gathered in the room the desire to be involved in the production process of the region and the country as a whole with great enthusiasm.

Head of the Department of SHD of KSTU Serik Baltabayevich Balshikeyev emphasized in his report: “Transfer of the powers of the President to the Parliament is a big step in creating a more rational approach to the realization of a political administration of the country. Now due to the competent administration, our country has become stable both economically and politically, the distribution of powers is the right step towards transparency of the political system of the country”.

After the speech of delegates, student of KSTU read their reports on address and message of the President.