II Annual Competition “Innovative Project-2019”

Within the framework of the announced Year of Youth and the development program “Ruhani Zhangyru”, the 85th anniversary of Karagandy, on April 11, the II Annual Competition “Innovative Project” was held at the College of Innovative Technologies. Students together with their leader prepared layouts, developed programs, created presentations. Each project displayed a vision of the specialty in which they are studying.

Teachers of the departments “TOMiS”, “SMiT”, “ITB” and “APP” were invited as part of the jury, because after a few years of college, students will be able to continue their studies in subsequent departments and thus will be able to visually display the innovation in their project. The jury assessed the work of students observing the subject of the specialty, asked questions, led the discussion, and the students in turn adequately defended the projects. The competition was attended by 14 projects in 5 specialties, namely:

  1. WEB application for the online store
  2. My specialty is construction technician
  3. Technical process
  4. “Nur-train” train
  5. Website for an innovation event
  6. Hydraulic press
  7. The use of a simulator on duty substation in the development of skills

train control

  1. Website for KIT KarSTU
  2. Application
  3. The train of the future SKY WAY
  4. Bunk container transportation
  5. Business center “Kulager”
  6. Homemade aircraft
  7. Robot arylyzattardytasymaldau

The duration of the competition lasted 2.5 hours, time flew quickly, teachers, and viewers of the competition watched students’ work with great interest. I would especially like to mention the projects “The train of the future SKY WAY” is the display of three types of transport in one, the “Self-made airplane” is a project of the future that can fly and ride along the rails, well, of course, the project “Using a trainer for a duty station substation »Did not leave anyone indifferent, the presentation, the material was so interesting and informative that all those present listened to the defense of the project in one breath.

According to the results of the competition, the project “The use of a simulator on duty at a substation in mastering train movement management skills”, group KOPZHT-11 / 16-2, the head Sarsembekov B.K. became the laureate of the competition. in the management of traffic on railway transport.

The 1st degree winner was the SKY WAY Train of the Future project, this project displays the train of the future, which moves not on the ground, but above the ground.

The 2nd degree laureates became the “Application” project; in this project, students displayed an electronic journal and full maintenance of all documentation through the proposed application. As well as the project “Site for KITKARSTU” became the Laureates of the 2nd degree, in this project the students displayed the college site, in which everything was distributed among sections, the design corresponded to the subject of education.

Grade 3 winners were: “Robot arylyzattardytasymaldau”, this robot loader, which is controlled by a special application that is installed on a mobile phone.


The purpose of this competition is to enable students studying in various technical specialties to demonstrate their vision of their profession, to improve, to contribute something innovative.

The college administration, represented by the director Smagulova N.A., expressed gratitude for the participation, awarded diplomas and sweet gifts to the winners, letters of thanks for the participation of project managers. She called on All guests, students, teachers to create and implement new projects and achieve their goals.