Identity and Sovereignty

The teachers of the Higher Mathematics Department A.Zh. Mergembayeva and G.E. Shegebayeva organized an online quiz dedicated to the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The event was attended by students and the teaching staff of the Transport and Road Faculty.

State symbols are inalienable attributes of any state that embody its identity and sovereignty. The most active participants in the competition were students A.M. Beisekeyeva, A.T. Mukanova and A.A. Ber, who gave detailed answers to questions and demonstrated deep knowledge on the quiz topic.

Students took the initiative and prepared a special presentation, where the characteristics of the elements of the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Kazakhstan were described in detail. Every citizen is obliged to know and respect the state symbols of his country. The State Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem are indisputable evidence of the sovereignty and independence of the country, the unity of the people and power, thereby expressing a certain state idea of ​​Kazakhstan democracy, consolidation and aspiration to universal values.

The online competition made it possible to consolidate knowledge and ideas of the state symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan in an entertaining and informative way, as well as to teach participants to work in a team.

KTU Press Service