In the hostel “Student House” the Student council organized a patriotic evening party dedicated to the memory of our brothers and sisters-warriors “Bowing down before the veterans of Afghanistan”

The Afghan war is one of the most tragic pages in the history of the Soviet Union. On December 12, 1979, a small group of leaders of the Soviet Union decided to send Soviet troops into Afghanistan. So, on December 27, 1979, Soviet troops crossed the border of Afghanistan, where they fought until February 15, 1989.

The beginning of the individual units of Soviet troops withdrawal from the territory of Afghanistan was a very complicated operation. Within about ten years, as part of the Afghan troops defending the interests of a foreign country, 22,269 soldiers from Kazakhstan performed their international duty. 924 of them died heroically in terrible battles, 21 people were missing, thousands of citizens returned to the country with disabilities. This is how the Afghan war ended for us. It brought so much suffering to every Kazakh family therefore, in our country veterans who died in the war are annually honored and commemorated.

At the evening party, students presented historical facts about the Afghan war, made reports. Talented youth sang songs and performed kui.