The faculty trains bachelors in the following specialties: 5B012000 “Vocational Training”, which trains specialists in the following educational programs (profiles):

· Engineering production
· Construction
· Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
· Information Technology
· Economics and management of business entities

The purpose of the educational program in this field is a professionally-oriented education of personality including entire natural scientific world outlook, high production-technical, economic knowledge and culture, stable ethic orientation and fundamental training.

Depending on the specialization the graduates get an academic degree of Bachelor and the qualification of a vocational training teacher, a teacher of technical disciplines and special disciplines on the profile. ”

The period of study is 4 years.

Dual education (Engineering teaching) provides great opportunities for such activities as: a teacher of technical disciplines and special technologies in the complex of nonprofessional occupations at comprehensive and vocational schools, colleges, lyceums, the CPC; a master of industrial training in primary, secondary and higher vocational education; an engineer in laboratories, engineering departments and industrial enterprises.

5B010400 – “Basic military training”. Only at our University students of this speciality are trained at the military department with a subsequent assignment of military ranks “Sergeant” and after an internship in the army “Lieutenant.”

The purpose of the educational program in this field is training highly qualified, competitive specialists in the sphere of military training; the formation of political maturity, patriotism and aspiration to the performance of a duty to the Motherland.]

The graduate of baccalaureate in specialty Basic military training gets the academic degree of Bachelor of Basic military training (4-year training). The sphere of professional activity of a graduate is education and research.

The objects of professional activity:
· Institutions of secondary education: comprehensive schools, boarding schools;
· Gymnasiums and lyceums;
· Primary and secondary vocational educational institutions;
· Higher educational establishments;
· Administration of education
The main fields of professional activities of graduates of the specialty are the following:
· Planning teaching process;
· Organization and managing military-patriotic education;
· Organization and holding sports events;
· Organization of civil defense;
· Managing military-technical societies and sections.

The graduates in the speciality of Basic military training can work as instructors in security services, during the period of mobilization activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan they may have a position as primary officers.

ATTENTION! At the military department only full time students of our University, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan can be trained according to the program for reserve officers on a competitive basis, as the number of students is limited by the public order determined by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Training is free of charge.