The college is formed by the order of the rector №396 from 10/12/1999, with the purpose of the further improvement of secondary professional training experts preparation and to set in order the work of such university colleges as College of information technology and Computer Engineering, Electromechanical college and College of construction business by associating them.

The college isn t the independent legal body. It operates on the basis of RGKP of “KarGTU” Charter, Regulations of RGKP “KarGTU”, and current legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan.
College s mission is a formation of the competitive expert at the international level, focused on solving the problems of advancing development of the major directions of economy.

Strategic aim – creation of college realizing the model of continuous secondary professional training in system PL-college_university directed on formation of the competitive expert.
The college carries out preparation of experts according to the State license given out to the Karaganda state technical university on the right of conducting educational activity in the sphere of professional training. The subject of college s activity is:
Realization of state educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
Preparation of the qualified experts with the secondary professional training, which have necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills on a particular speciality and profession;
Improvement of preparation quality of the qualified experts taking into account requirements of a labor market and employers;
Educational languages: Kazakh and Russian.
Educational level: the secondary professional (qualification – the technician).
Training structure of college: 121 teachers are involved in educational process, among them 26 persons with the highest category, 18 persons with the first category and 28 persons with the second category.