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At the Transport and Road Institute you can get an education in the field:
5В071300 – “Transport Equipment and Technology”;
5В090100 – “Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transportation”.

Bachelors degree 5В071300 – “Transport equipment and technology” can operate in transport companies, auto repair plants, traffic police organs, in the centers of public and departmental transportation, car service, in building and road organizations, enterprises and factories that manufacture and repair of building and road machines and equipment, construction of oil and gas pipelines, utilities.

Graduates of this specialty vehicles shall manage the complex and the transport industry in Kazakhstan – the basis of our economy. Undergraduate teaching includes the following path:
– Operation of Motor Vehicle;
– Maintenance of building and road machines.

Bachelors degree 5В090100 – “Organization of transport, traffic and operation of transportation” can be employed at the main passenger and cargo stations, as well as on commercial industrial plants. According to the trajectory of “Organization of transport at the transport industry”, graduates can find jobs at airports, factories, where the transportation process is carried through pipelines, conveyors and other types of industrial vehicles.

Employed in the bodies of the traffic police, transport, inspection, organizations and institutions engaged in transportation, ensuring the safe movement of the organization conducting the autotechnical expertise in road traffic services in the transportation departments in planning and economic departments.

Organizations of Kazakhstan for the propulsion of road and railway transport, the leading management positions occupied by graduates of this specialty KSTU.

Undergraduate teaching includes the following path:
– Organisation of transport on railway transport;
– Organization of the industrial transport;
– Organisation of the road.

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