Institute of Telecommunications, Energy and Automation was established in 2010 in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education” the order № 651 from 15.09.2010g. and in addition to this order, the rector of Karaganda State Technical University (KSTU), and is an educational, scientific, administrative, structural unit of KSTU.

The Institute brings together the Department of Automation of production processes, technologies and communication systems, Energy, who are preparing for the professions included in the institute, as well as general education department of Physics.

Institute of Telecommunications, Energy and Automation operates on the basis of long-term and annual plans, covering organizational, teaching, research and educational work.

The Institute aims at developing the relationship of the leading scientific and educational achievements in the field of higher education didactics, aimed at improving the quality of education and stimulate creativity of teachers in teaching methods and organizational work.

Institute of Telecommunications, Energy and Automation is located in the main body of the Karaganda State Technical University on the first floor in the left wing, room 127.

ITEA was founded in 1957 and named Mountain-electromechanical department (MED).