The main. The chair is the educational structural division KSTU which is carrying out educational, methodical and educational work on training to the Kazakh language and office-work.

Work of chair KL&Cwork is directed on training and mastering by the Kazakh language by students in various communicative spheres – political, educational-professional, social.

The chair carries out the activity according to the annual plans covering educational, methodical, research, educational and other kinds of works.

The basic theoretical and practical aspects of the scientific organization of educational process of KL&S are reflected in the following directions:
– Planning, performance, check and improvement of educational process;
– Educational -methodical maintenance of educational process;
– Research work of students;
– Educational work;
– Work on improvement of professional skill of experts
– Establishment and developments of external relations.
Teachers of chair CQMS teach a subject «Practical course of the Kazakh language» for students of 1 course of all institutes of university.