Department of “Computer science and software” was founded in 1969 and is currently in effect.

The purpose of the department – training of specialists of high qualification Uncategorized bachelors and specialists of high qualification of the second category undergraduates in the field of “Computers and software (BT & Software)” and “Mathematical and computer modeling.”

To achieve the goal purposefully formed contingent of students and implemented specialized theoretical and practical training of students, focused on the current needs of the employer:

The number of full-time faculty members (PPP) of 16 people, of which have scientific degrees and ranks 8 (50%), 1 winner of the title Best University Teacher of the Republic of Kazakhstan.”

Material and technical base represented 15 classrooms, of which 1 laboratory “Network Technologies“; 8 computer classes with specialized software installed; 4 in-line audience; 2 lecture halls with multimedia teaching tools;

Actively conducted research work, which is attended by both faculty and students of the department, the work implemented in the educational process, presented at international and national conferences and competitions are published in journals with high impact factor.

Department of computer engineering and software is one of the leading companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the preparation of IT-specialists, so the results of the national rankings, Computer Engineering and Software in 2012 won second place in 2013 – the third.

Over the years, the Department of BT and software has produced more than 3,200 professionals who have become managers and leading specialists of large industrial enterprises, research institutions, education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the CIS, the USA, Israel, Germany, Australia.

Department of “Computers and Software” in the main body of KSTU, auditorium 301, telephone number 56-75-98, ext. 2054, 2045.