The “Information Systems” Department (IS) was founded in 2009 by separating from “Automated Systems of Information Processing and Management” (AIS) Department. The founder of “Information System” in KSTU was a doctor of technical sciences, professor Kogai L.I.

On chair work with students on preparation and protection of the degree projects focused on the decision of actual industrial, social and economic and scientific problems is conducted. The collective of chair takes active part in educational-methodical conferences on perfection of techniques of teaching of courses on a profile of the chair, new information technology in formation, the organization of independent work of students, increase of level of is professional-methodical skill. As a result of performance of state budgetary work on a theme «Working out of the educational literature on special disciplines in sphere of information technology and the electronic techniques» 62 textbooks have been developed for system of averrage-special educational institutions and presented on reviewing in EMB in directions of preparation.

The chair puts before itself new innovative problems:

– Practical realization of two-degree formation with leading high schools of Russia and the far abroad:
– Opening of doctoral studies PhD;
– The academic mobility of students and teachers;
– Preparation and protection by teachers of chair candidate and theses for a doctor’s degree (Russia), doctor s dissertation PhD (Kazakhstan);
– Absolute maintenance of disciplines of a speciality with manuals and textbooks in a state language;
– Creation of system of continuous perfection of knowledge in the field of information systems «Formation through all life!»
– Increase of efficiency of educational process and quality of knowledge of students with application of modern achievements in the field of information-communication technologies;
– Full transition on three language an education system;
– The organization of foreign training of teachers of chair at leading developers of information systems;
– Retraining of experts in the field of new information technology;
– The organization fundamental, search and applied researches in priority scientific and technical directions;
– Preparation and the edition of scientific, scientifically-methodical editions and educational, study-methodical grants;
– Development of scientific and industrial communications with the enterprises of Kazakhstan, Russia, Poland, Germany;
– Expansion of the international scientific and technical cooperation with high schools and firms of Russia, Poland, Germany and the USA for the purpose of occurrence in world educational system.