Manufacturing of construction materials occupies the leading position in many-sided man activity, exerts the significant influence onto prosperity, social, cultural and spiritual life of society. The manufacturing of construction materials – is the one of rare professions in which the work results experiences its own creators reflecting the progress and contradictions of epoch. This is the ancient field where the human realizes his ideas about reliability, comfort, aesthetics.

In the modern construction complex of Kazakhstan the production engineer – is the top figure, it means the huge branch of manufacturing construction materials, products and structures. Production engineers develops the methods of getting the new, more strong, durable, architecture-impressed and cheap materials for different purposes; new types of construction products and structures, which make the conditions for transfer to more perfect methods of building.
The high level of training by designing and technology production which is salable construction materials and products, it opens wide abilities for future experts of building industry enterprises, construction materials, designed, research and other organizations.