Chair « Organization of Production» is letting out chair on specialities: «Household services and service», «Welfare service» and “Marketing”. Teachers of chair also carry out preparation of bachelors of technical specialities on economic disciplines. The curriculums developed on chair, its scientific and practical activities are directed on formation of professionals, the demanded market.

Students pass practice in the largest welfare establishments, the realtor companies, tax inspections, commercial banks, consulting firms, the various financial organizations, at the industrial enterprises of various patterns of ownership and the sizes, in the building companies.

There are students trained on specialities:
– Participants and prize-winners of competitions of MON РК for the best students work, the innovative project, etc.; – Prize-winners of sports competitions, various interfaculty competitions.

About half of our students find to itself the future work during passage educational and industrial an expert. By the time of protection of theses many students are defined with the employment. Among graduates of chair – leading experts, heads of the enterprises, financially-credit institutions, science officers, proprietors of the enterprises.