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Department of Industrial Chemistry, Ecology, and was organized in 1995. At this time the department is one of the major departments of Innovative technologies faculty, which produces four professionals in demand in the labor market specialties:

1) 5V070100 – “Biotechnology” of the trajectories:
– Plant biotechnology;
– Bioenergotehnologiya;
– Environmental biotechnology.
2) 5V072100 – “Chemical technology of organic substances” on the path:
– Technology of chemical and pharmaceutical preparations;
– Technology of coal and natural gas (methane).
3) 5V073100 – “Safety and environmental protection” on a trajectory:
– Environmental security and environmental protection.
4) 5V073700 – “Mineral”
– The technology of enrichment of ores of nonferrous metals;
– The technology of enrichment of ferrous metals;
– Technology of coal.

The aim of the department is the preparation and production of highly skilled and sought-after training for chemical, oil and gas industry, metallurgy, processing factories, scientific research and design institutions, colleges and universities are ready immediately after the training involved in the production cycle.

The aim is to provide the Department teaching disciplines with the latest technology to-date production, science and technology. In addition to the graduates, the Department conducts classes in the disciplines “Chemistry” and “Environment and Sustainable Development” for students of all disciplines working under the KSTU curricula and programs.

PPP Department of Chemistry and Industrial Ecology is developing the following innovative research areas:
1) Chemistry and technology of organic substances (biologically active compounds, oil products, gas and coal)
2) Plant Biotechnology, Animal
3) Enrichment of ores, coal
4) Industrial Ecology
5) Waste water treatment, etc.

At this time, the department manages  Kabiyeva Saule Kazzhanovna. The Department invites all interested individuals and entities to scientific innovation and educational cooperation.