The goal of the department of EM: Ensuring a high level of training bachelor in the specialties 5B050700 “Management” and 5B051000 “State and local government,” masters in the specialty 6M051000 “State and local government” which having met the requirements of modern standards, the formation of the foundations of economic thought of students of technical specialties and a desire to integrate into world educational space.

Objectives of the department of EM: to prepare students of the specialties 5B050700 “Management” and 5B051000 “State and local government” as a highly qualified competent specialists in the management with the account of modern development trends of educational process.

Direction of the trajectories of EM department: according specialty 5B051000 “State and local government”: “Regional Economics and Management”, “Socio-Economic Planning”, “State and Business”; according specialty 5B050700 “Management”: “Management activities”, “Project activities”, “Business activity”.

The objects of professional activity of graduates of the EM department: by specialty 5B051000 “State and local government” are: Machinery and Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the apparat of the Parliament of RK, structural units of the Government of the RK, the bodies of management of economy and finance (ministries, departments and agencies), local governing bodies (akimats of districts, cities, oblast) and apparat of the executive bodies, the national state and private companies (groups of companies, corporations and other). By specialty 5B050700 “Management” the objects are business structures, industry, organizations and companies of various forms of ownership, government bodies, financial institutions, project and research institutes, scientific, industrial and educational institutions.

Advantages of the EM department: Material and technical basis of the Department of EM are presented for quality of the educational process with modern classrooms, equipped with computers, stands.

Prospects of development of the EM department: Improving the quality of the educational process through the introduction of innovative advanced training, implementation of the principles of the Bologna process, the growth of research and teaching skills, improving the educational process, ensuring the growth of students in participation in research work.