History of the department of «Construction materials and technologies»

The Department of «Building materials and technologies»

In 2015 a department forms “Construction materials and technologies” by confluence of departments “Building and Housing Communal Economy” and “Technology of building materials and wares”.

Presently a department carries out preparation of bachelors and master’s degrees on next specialities: “Production of building materials, wares and constructions”, “Building”, “Transport building”. In all a department prepared more than 6000 engineers-builders, engineers-teachers, architects, bachelors and master’s degrees of sciences, master’s degrees of technique and technology.

Shortly about departments “Building and Housing Communal Economy” and “Technologies of building materials and wares” :

The TOBM chair was formed on September 1, 1959. Per 2012 the faculty is renamed into Building and housing municipal services. There greatly contributed to the chair formation and development the first teachers: P.V.Tsytsak, N.M.Korotchenko, G.P.Sojnikov, I.V.Kim, V.G.Smeljakov, as well as auxiliary personnel: R.A.Smagulova, N.K.Karakchieva and others.
Nowadays the working veterans are instructors of the youth: K.S.Shalbayev, senior lecturer S.A.Lebedev, professors E.S.Utenov, A.S.Zhakulin, E.E.Orazaly, V.N.Nemen, senior lecturer K.S.Almenov who have already worked for over 30 years at the chair.

For a lot of years we have fruitfully cooperated with the experts of joint-stock company “Soyuzspetsfundamenttyazhstroi” N.V.Smartly, V.M.Buj, V.G.Piven, K.S.Bizhanov, A.S.Kadyrov, leading architects of the Karaganda region E.G.Melik, V.I.Duz-Krjadchenko, S.I.Mordvintsev, A.V.Titarev, S.F.Dautbergenov.

From 1959 till 2008 the chair carried out a vocational training in engineering specialties «Industrial and civil building», “Building”, «Building thermal and atomic power stations», «Building of highways», «Bridges and transport tunnels».
In 2008 in connection with reorganization of the civil engineering department TOBM chair was included into the former chair «Buildings and constructions». After the reorganization TOBM chair material resources extended. There is a computer class where license programs CAD CREDO, LIRA 9.4 are used. Modern devices of nondestructive control are applied for laboratory works. For quality assurance of highways there appeared the mobile road laboratory. Now at the chair there work 42 regular teachers, 6 part-time workers and 10 persons of auxiliary personnel. At the chair there function some cycles: «Technology of building manufacture», “Geotechnology”, «Engineering systems», «Information technology in architectural-building design», «Buildings and constructions», «Architecture and design».
Now the chair trains bachelors and masters in specialty “Building”, bachelors in specialties “Architecture” and “Design”.
On the whole the chair trained more than 6000 civil engineers, engineers-teachers, architects, bachelors and masters of sciences, masters of technology. Among them there are known state and public figures, large experts working in Kazakhstan and abroad: Kh.S.Takuov, I.U.Togaibayev, Kh.B.Kabzhanov, I.G.Musalimov, Z.A.Imashev, N.Z.Kuanshaliev, Z.I.Ibadildin, K.N.Ospanov, S.M.Toregeldin, A.K.Ahimbekov, B.Kamaliev, A.Bozzhigitov and others. Many graduates of the chair became outstanding scientists, doctors of sciences, professors and academicians: N.V.Smartly, A.V.Filatov, V.M.Plotnikov, I.V.Kim, V.E.Absimetov, N.T.Zhadrasinov, A.S.Zhakulin, E.S.Utenov, B.Zh.Unaibayev, V.I.Serdyuk. More than 70 graduates of chair received the scientific degree of candidate of technical science.

Department of the Technology of construction materials and products

Department of the «Technology of construction materials and products» was founded in 1972 through merger of two graduating departments «Reinforced concrete structures» and «Economics and organization of construction. ».

The founder and the first head of the department was a graduate of Moscow Construction-Engineering Institute, associate professor, c.t.s. A.M. Mamyrbekov, who made a great contribution to the development and establishment of the department. Over the years the department was headed by associate professors, c.t.s.: M.R. Momynov (1979 – 1982), A.B. Esirkepov (1983 – 1990), S.B. Battakov (1990 – 1997), professor, PhD, D.O. Baydzhanov (1997 – 2004). Since 2004 and up to date the head of Department is an associate professor, c.t.s. M.A. Rakhimov.

According to the results of the scientific researches of the department at various times totally 7 doctoral theses had been defended by: V.I. Soloviev (1994), A.T. Pimenov (1997), D.O. Baydzhanov (2003), V.E. Absimetov (2004), A. Shaykezhan (2005 ), and E.V. Tkach (2006 ).

The department graduates bachelors and masters with major in «Manufacturing of construction materials, products, and structures». The material and technical basis of the construction laboratory is constantly updated. Purchases of new modern equipment and development of the scientific-research activities in the department are performed every year.

Current Department staff consists of: associate professors with PhD degrees – D.O.Baydzhanov, A. Shaykezhan, E.V. Tkach; associate professors with c.t.s. degrees – M.A. Rakhimov, M.O.Imanov, A.Sh. Kalmagambetova, R.F. Serova; senior teachers – G.M.Rakhimova, G.A. Seydinova; teacher – A.O. Ikisheva; teacher assistants – N.B. Kassymov, M.K. Dadiyeva. Additionally key experts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad are invited for lecturing: professors V.E. Absimetov (Russia), V.I. Soloviev (Almaty city, Emeritus Professor of the KSTU); associate professors, c.t.s. O.A. Malyshev (Russia), etc.

Currently the Department works closely with the enterprises producing construction materials, products and structures. The main bases for practice and employment are 12 companies and organizations: “KERATEK” Ltd, “Karagandastroykonstruktsiya” Ltd, “Karagandinsky derevoobrabativayushiy kombinat” JSC (woodworking factory), “SpetsStroyAlyans” Ltd, “Nurkhan” Ltd, “Alga-stroy” Ltd, “Astana-Brick” Ltd, “Kaztransmetall” Ltd, “Sapa” Ltd, “AziyaStroyPlast” Ltd, “StroySpetsTehnika” Ltd, “Karagandazvetmet” Ltd.

Within the enterprise of the Corporative University “KERATEK” Ltd (factory manufacturing structural clay products) a branch of the department is arranged where students have all the types of practice in cooperation with the key enterprise specialists, there are performed some types of laboratory and practical work, and out of the University Department defence of graduation projects. Also there are provided internships for young teachers of the Department of TCMaP at this enterprise and training of factory employees through the professional development courses at the KSTU. The Department works closely in the fields of teaching methods and research work with the following organizations: Almaty «NIIstromproekt», Kazakh Head Academy of Architecture, and West-Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University after Zhangirkhan, Rudnensky Industrial Institute, Pavlodar State University after S. Toraigyrov.

At the department there is work going on to broaden International cooperation with leading educational institutions of near and far abroad, such as the Moscow State Construction University, Penza State University of Architecture and Construction, Uralsk Polytechnic Institute, St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, and Belgorod University.