History of the department of Foreign Languages

Department of Foreign Languages

In 1953 was organized the Karaganda Mining Institute, where the basic departments were created, one of which was the Department of Foreign Languages ​​under the direction of L.L. Timokhina. The staff of the department at that time consisted of two teachers of English. Today the staff of the department consists of  36 teachers, of which – 2 associate professors, 1 candidate of pedagogical sciences, 1 candidate of philological sciences, 21 masters, 9 senior lecturers and 11 teachers. The department teaches English, German and French.
A great contribution to the creation and development of the educational and methodological base of the department was made by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor S.A. Gontzova. Then candidate of philological sciences, associate professor B.R. Ospanova, successfully headed the department for many years.
Since September 2011, the function of the head of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​of the Karaganda State Technical University is performed by Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor D.D. Jantassova.