History of Department

History of Department

on organization of educational process development

Educational and methodical government of Karaganda State Technical University was established on the basis educational and methodical department.  In various years, educational-methodical department headed by prominent scientists Methodists such as G.E. Ivanchenko (1953-1955 ), M.L. Rudakov (1955-1960), A.Y. Melnychuk (1960-1963), S.G. Milev (1963-1964), R.K. Uaykanov (1964), Y.I. Zakharov (1965-1989), A.H. Petrushevsky (1977-1983), K.I, Maximova (1989-1990), G.I. Valshteyn (1990-1996).

With further growth of the university there is a need, in addition to extensive development, strengthen the intense activity of the collective to improve the educational process and improve the quality of educational services. In 2002 a training department was reorganized into the educational methodical government, one of the main divisions of the university.

On the basis of the KSTU Charter № 103 of 09.02.2010 and order of rector of the University № 651 from 15.09.2010 other teaching management reorganized into Department on organization of educational process which is headed by the doctor of technical sciences V.S. Portnov.

Department on organization of educational process is designed to optimally organize educational activities of the University, aimed at satisfaction the needs of students in acquiring higher education and training in a chosen field of professional activity.

The main activities of OEPD are: an analysis of the processes occurring in the field of education, the identification of development trends in the light of new scientific and technological advances; development of curricular specialties working in accordance with the requirements of the state compulsory standards of education and vocational education programs; participation in the formation of state departments qualified teaching staff and teaching and support staff, the search for new educational technology, information providing of training; control equipment for laboratories and departments of modern electronic media, audiovisual and educational technology, software, information and methodological resources, as well as automated systems for educational purposes , organization of professional practice and leadership of students, the organization providing the scholarship students, storage, processing and monitoring of statistical data on all forms of education.

The staff of the Department on organization of educational process is successfully coping with the challenges ahead. We would like to mention many years of fruitful work of the Head`s deputy Borovkova  E.V., the head of department Sergeeva V.Y., methodist Shlapak, engineers G.N. Ryazanova, V.A. Makhova, I.N Kuznetsova, T.U. Lopukhova proven competent, resourceful, responsible employees. As part of OEPD work such experienced specialists – Tapina N.D., Vyushkova V.M., Kosareva L.A., N. Nigmatullin, Demova  E.V., A.Y Baymuldina The good tradition was become  the completion of the collective management of university graduates. Among them O. S. Lopukhova, G.K., Duganova V.N., Becher O.V  and others.

Department on organization of the educational process composed of – educational and organizational department, the student’s department, registration department of academic achievements of students, monitoring and implementation of innovative technologies.

Educational and organizational department was created to organize continuing educational process and provide the conditions for its improvement.

Department`s activity of the methodology aims to coordinate the work of structural units to improve the quality of educational services. Department carries out the planning and organization of educational process, development of normative documentation of educational and methodical work, assists graduating departments in the organization of professional practices, licensing and certification.

Student Affairs Office shall maintain the personal files of students, accounting students for military service and discount categories: orphans left without parental care, from low-income families, disabled groups I and II, reporting on the movement of students, reports on the use of security forms and logging of registration; issuing documents expelled, transferred to another institution.
In order to prepare professionals for an innovative economy in the university actively introducing innovative education programs that include academic disciplines of innovation focus in business curriculum as criteria and indicators that characterize the innovative university and sent to the saturation of the content of traditional academic disciplines with innovative approaches. University students have the opportunity to get an education using the traditional method of teaching and learning innovation that forms the competence approach.
Promoting innovative education department deals with registration of academic achievements of students, monitoring and implementation of innovative technologies, one of the main tasks is to control the quality of work and practical training of students, provision of educational innovations at KSTU.
New Year 2010 to the University is not important enough. During the existence of our university and its department on the educational process had a significant influence on the development of science, education and culture on the formation of industrial and intellectual potential of the Central Region and Kazakhstan as a whole. Innovative transformations taking place in KSTU, allow him to continue to meet the demands of society and time.