Short history of college

In the conditions of intensive development of market relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the great attention is given to the process of continuous formation in KarSTU. Thereupon in 1996 the faculty of the reduced term of training (FSSO) for graduates of colleges and undergraduates wishing to receive the second higher education has been created. The university administration has arisen the idea about college creation which gives the graduates an opportunity to continue education on related specialities on FSSO. It was absolutely new idea in education system reform: “school-college-high school”. The first pro-rector of KarSTU M.R.Nurguzhin and the chief of methodical department G.I.Valshtejn have spent much time working on this idea during this period and  after reception of the concept by the Ministry of Education and the Academic council, changes in university structure have been made to Ustav of KarSTU. On August, 5th, 1997 the college of information technology and computer facilities (IVT) at KarSTU has been opened and was considered as structural division KarSTU. The first specialities of college were: «Communication networks and systems коммутаций», «The automated systems of processing of the information and management», «Maintenance service and repair of radio-electronic technics». They still remain prior in the market of educational services.KarSTU teachers with a wide experience of work and leading experts of “Kazakhtelecom” were involved into the staff of college. The graduate of Novosibirsk electro technical institute of communication, Doctor of technical sciences, the prof. L.I.Kogaj had been appointed as the director of college. During L.I.Kogaja’s management there have been prepared standard legal documents: licenses for educational activity have been obtained; working curricula, working programs on disciplines have been developed; also college teachers started to create study-laboratory complexes on studying of digital devices on integrated schemes and on repair of household electronic technics; close contact with “Kazakhtelecom” has been made in order to provide passage of practice for college pupils. The electromechanical college (AMK) at KarSTU has been opened on the basis of electromechanical faculty in 1998 where preparation of experts was conducted in the following three specialities: “Electrical supply”, «Automation of technological processes and manufactures», «Operation of the transport electric equipment and railway transportation automatics». By the director of college, Doctor of technical sciences, the professor, J.I.Klimov Department of mountain cars and complexes have been appointed. In 1999 the college of business building (CBB) at KarSTU has been opened on the basis of construction faculty, according to the obtained license for paid educational services in the following architecturally-building disciplines: “Design”, «Management (on building sphere)», «Maintenance service and repair of means of mechanization and automation (on building sphere)», «Installation and operation of internal sanitary devices», «Landscape gardening and landscape building». Faculty CBB included professors and senior lecturers, and also members of the Architects’ Union, artists and designers of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Doctor of technical sciences, professor Beacons B.B. has been appointed as the director of the college of business building. Professor Beacons B.B. worked in KarPTI after the graduation of the Leningrad construction institute in 1965. Since 1978 he has been managing «Technology of building manufacture» department until he has been appointed as the director. Creation of uniform college has allowed to concentrate efforts on qualitative preparation of experts with average vocational training. Use of material base available in KarSTU became a basis for work, the teaching and educational process maintenance of qualitative level of preparation. This main task has been organized and adjusted. The college started to occupy an active position in university structure. Pupils of college, began to take part in the subject competitions, public and cultural actions of university where they took prize-winning places. Since 2001 till 2008 the IBT college was headed by the Candidate of technical sciences, the senior lecturer, a member-correspondent of the International academy of information, Imanov Zhenis Zhumyrovich, the graduate of the Kazakh polytechnical institute. Since May, 4th, 2008 the Candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer Imanov Marat Omirbekovich, the graduate of the Karaganda polytechnical institute (1994), became the director of IBM college. Since October, 2008 up to these days the college is headed by Kojlybaeva Saule Ajtbekovna.During the years of existence of college more than 2000 pupils have got secondary – technical education.