History of the faculty of Architecture and Construction

Architecture and Construction faculty

In 1959, the Karaganda Mining Institute was established Civil Engineering Faculty, which carried out the first training of engineers in only two specialties: Industrial and Civil construction (the first graduation was in 1962) and “Construction and road machinery”.

By increasing the government contractual work for training of civil engineers were additionally open specialty: “Ferroconcrete Structures” (1959), which was renamed in 1969 as ” Production of  building products and constructions ” and “Economics and Organization of Construction” (1964).

For staff to provide training through vocational training from 1970 to 1989 is being prepared engineers, teachers confer a degree on “Construction”. Graduates of this specialty have a specific training for teaching special subjects in vocational schools, technical schools by construction specialties.

From 1994 to 2004 chair “Buildings” produced engineers specializing in “Urban construction and municipal services”.

In 2000 opened new topical specialty “Legal and technical expertise in the construction sector”, “Construction of roads and airfields” and in 2001 -” Bridges and transport tunnels”.

At various times, faculty led by:
Garpf S.I. (1959 – 1961); Moskalenko S.F. (1961 – 1962); Mehl R.K. (1962 – 1963); Kuznetsov Y.P. (1963 – 1965); Umbetalin S.U. (1965 – 1980); Smagulov Z.M. (1980 – 1985); Bakenov B.B. (1985 – 1987); Vinyarski P.P. (1987 – 1993); Battakov S.B. (1993 – 1999); Zhakulin A.S. (1999 – 2002) Orazaly E.E. (2002-2004), Baydzhanov D.O. (2004-2009), Imanov M.O. (2009-2010), Utenov E.S. (2010-2011), Imanov M.O. (2011-2015), Baydzhanov D.O. (2015), Taranov A.V. (2016), Imanov M.O. (2017-until now).

Civil Engineering Department was instrumental in the preparation of highly qualified engineers, primarily for the Central Kazakhstan region of our Republic. Graduates of the CEF have participated in the design and construction of such large objects as Karmetkombinat, Balkhash Mining and Metallurgical Plant, the rubber plant in Saran, the channel “Irtysh-Karaganda”. At this time, Civil Engineering Department has graduated more than 10,000 highly skilled professionals, successfully working in Kazakhstan and in the near and far abroad. Teachers and students participated in the CEF construction of educational building № 1, and other objects of the Institute, they have always been the core of student construction team KSTU.
Since 1999, the Department prepares a Masters and Bachelor of  “Construction”,   “Production of  building materials, products and structures” and “Architecture”. Education in the official language is from 1989.