The chair of higher mathematics was organized in 1953 with the opening of the Mining Institute. The first heads of the chair were candidates of physical-mathematical science, associated professors Sh.U. Kan, V.N. Nam.

Within the period from 1955 till 1958 at the chair there worked А.А. Yermekov. In 1932–1936 he formed the Kazakh mathematical terminology, wrote the first textbook in higher mathematics in Kazakh; he became the first mathematician professor in Kazakhstan. In 1993 in the KSTU main building there was opened a memorial plaque in honor of the 100-anniversary of А.А. Yermekov, his name is given to a street in Karaganda.

Within the following years the chair was headed by: c.t.s., prof. Z.S. Grinshpun (1961 – 1984), c.t.s., prof. S.S. Sagintayev (1984 – 1986, 1997 – 2004), d.t.s., prof. Ye.I. Gluzberg (1986 – 1992), d.t.s., prof. Kh.Zh. Khalmanov (1992 – 1995), c.t.s., prof. N.A. Adilbek (1995 – 1997), d.t.s., prof. S.K. Tutanov  (2004 – 2017) . Since October 2017, the department is headed by S.Sh. Kazhikenov.

In 1981 she graduated the E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University in the specialty «Mathematician. Teacher». In 2005 she defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences. In 2010 she defended her thesis for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Winner of the state grant «The best teacher of high school of 2011»; Academician of the International Academy of Informatization; The winner of the scholarship T.Mustafin, 2012 .; Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences; Member of the Advisory Board of the International Alliance for Innovation, Technology and Training (USA); «Thank You Letter» NTC Republic of Kazakhstan, 2012., 2013., 2014.; A.Nobel’s Medal for contribution to the development of invention, RANS, 2014.; Winner of the state grant in the field of Scientific and Technical Research, 2015., A member of the Accreditation Council IQAA.

Each of the heads made a certain contribution in the chair establishment and development: Z.S. Grinshpun is considered to be a tutor of a lot of  the chair teachers, who helped them to acquire professional qualities, necessary for mathematics teachers. The period of heading by Ye.I. Gluzberg was the most fruitful in the plan of scientific work, fulfilling economic agreement works, a scientific laboratory supervision. Under his immediate supervision there defended the dissertations foe candidate of science degree L.D. Kazmina, S.T. Isagulov, A.V. Rogankova, К.М. Аkhmetov, A.V. Kozhukhar, A.N. Zasulsky.

Within the period of the chair existence there were defended 2 doctors’ and 28 candidates’ dissertations. At the present time 67% of the chair staff have scientific degrees and 5 teachers continue their work at the dissertation.