Chair of the Kazakh language and culture

In connection with adopting the law “About the state language” in 1989 based on the chair of the Russian and foreign languages there was organized an elective class for learning the state language in Russian-speaking groups. Classes were conducted by only three teachers: Sh. Zhetpisbai, K. Koyanbayeva, M. Khasen. The chair staff was completed by the graduated from the philological department of KSU. In November 1990 there was formed the chair of the Kazakh language,  headed by a Candidate of Philological Science,  writer A.M. Aziyev whose literary activity had begun in the end of the 50-s. he wrote a lot about the Kazakh national character, internationalism and peoples’ friendship. The main subject of A.M. Aziyev’s creative work was the history of forming and establishing coal and non-ferrous industry of central Kazakhstan.

Аziyev А.М. C.Ph.S., associated professor


The chair made a great contribution in the educational work of the University, whose aim is to form highly qualified specialists with world outlook and ethnic responsible relation to the world. The first-year students traditionally participate in conferences, festivals. The honorary guests of the students events are labor veterans of our University. Every year the chair holds over 20 different  events, contests, in which there take part all-year students; to the Day of Kazakhstan peoples’ languages there is held a contest for the best knowledge of the state language, a subject Olympiad; in 2009 there was held an Internet-Olympiad among schoolchildren. Besides, the students participate in inter-university conferences and “round tables” held both at the level of the University and together with the regional M. Auezov library, as well as in round tables organized in the frames of regional students’ festivals “The youth is the future of Kazakhstan”.

The staff of the chair takes all the efforts to strengthen and further develop the state language. The aim of the chair is to develop the sense of pride and national patriotism among qualified engineering personnel. Educational work carried out by the chair of the Kazakh language and culture serves the aims of uniting our Republic peoples and it prosperity.

From 1993 till 1996 the chair was headed by senior teacher М.А. Khasen, a graduate from the philological department of Е.А. Buketov SU.

Khasen М.А., senior teacher


From 1996 till 1997 there was invited to head the chair an associated professor of the chair of the Kazakh literature at Е.А. Buketov SU, candidate of Philological Science Z.T. Zhumagaliyev.

Zhumagaliyev Z.Т.

C.Ph.S., associated professor


From September 1997 there was confirmed  the head of the chair senior teacher G.M. Nurguzhina who graduated from V.I. Lenin Moscow state pedagogical institute in 1990. Within the period of her work  the chair was reorganized into the chair of the Kazakh language and culture. Under her leadership in 2001 on the eve of the Day of the RK Independence at the chair there was opened the ethnographic museum. The main motto of the museum is “Learn the language through the culture”.

Nurguzhina G.М.,  C.Ph.S., associated professor


Beginning from 2001 for post-graduates and masters of our University there are organized the courses of training for taking candidates’ examination in the Kazakh language.

In 2003 at the chair there was opened a study of inter-nation concord where there are held meetings of the teachers and students with representatives of national cultural centers. Solemn events with participation of cultural centers are a culture heartj uniting multi-national students of KSTU.

In 2004 – 2005 the chair was headed by senior teacher К.Zh. Shabdenova.

Shabdenova K.Zh., senior teacher


In 2005-2008 the chair was headed by candidate of Philological Science К.М. Khamzina.

Khamzina К.М., C.Ph.S., associated professor


From 2008 till present the chair is headed by Candidate of Philological Science  Kalybekova Kalamkas Sagyndykovna.


Каlybekova К.S.. C.Ph.S., associated professor

(2008 till present)

At the present time at the chair there work 23 teachers, each of them have higher pedagogical education.

The teachers of the chair take an active part in regional and international conferences, publish scientific articles in the University proceedings.

International cooperation:

Within the last two years at the chair there were held scientific seminars with participation of invited professors from Kyrgyzstan and Turkey.

1. By the invitation of the chair of the Kazakh language and culture of KSTU in the period from 04.01.10 till 08.01.10 from Kyrgyzstan there came professor of Kyrgyz-and-Turkish University “Manas” Kadyrali Konkobayev who condacted a seminar: «Түрік тілдері және оларды өзге ел өкілдеріне оқыту, үйрету мәселелері».

2. By the invitation of the chair of the Kazakh language and cultur to take part in the International conference “Science as a leading factor of strategy “Kazakhstan -2030”(Saginov’s readings No2) in the period from 21.06.10 till 24.06.10 from Turkey there came professor of Yunus Emre Institute, PhD Sheref Atesh. The professor conducted a seminar: «Шетел тілін үйретудің жаңа тәсілдері».