Innovation Technology faculty

History of the Faculty of Innovative Technologies!

The Faculty of Innovative Technologies was established in 1969.

The Faculty of Innovative Technologies was headed by:

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Nurguzhin M.R. (1993-1994),
Professor, Ph.D. Epov A.A. (1996-2001),
Associate Professor, Ph.D. Isagulov S.T. (2001-2004),
Professor, Ph.D. Ettel V.A. (2004-2009),
Professor, Ph.D. Tomilova N.I. (2009-2016),
Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences Golovacheva V.N. (2016-2018),

Currently, the dean of the faculty is: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Samashova G.E.

The structure of the Faculty of functioning of the Department:

– Computer information systems

– Information technology and security

– Industrial ecology and chemistry

– Higher mathematics

Faculty of Innovation Technology actively participates in the Corporate University.

The activities of the faculty aims at training bachelors, masters, advanced training and retraining of workers of “Arcelor Mittal Temirtau” Company, “National company Kazakhstan Temir Joly”, “Kazchermetavtomatika” Company, Limited partnership “Assembly process control Quartz”, Limited partnership Absolute-Kazakhstan Company, Limited partnership Technopark UniScien Tech, Limited partnership “Kazakhmys Corporation” and “Kazakhtelecom” Company.

At the enterprises of “Kazchermetavtomatika” Company and , Limited partnership “Assembly process control Quartz” operate branches of the Department “Computers and Software” and “Instrument making”. In the educational process are active director of , Limited partnership “Assembly process control Quartz” and an honorary doctor KarSTU Rashitov H.H., director of “Kazchermetavtomatika” Company, Professor Namazbaev T.S., Head of Programming”Kazakhtelecom” Company, docent Iskakov M.B. The FIT is being prepared developer of integrated application software systems, systems programmers and administrators, systems engineers, experts in the field of computer-aided design and engineering. Great contribution to the development of faculty and education of young people are making labor veterans Omar M.T., Esenbayev S.H., Bogushevskaja A.A., Leiser, L.I. and Ulzhibaeva G.S.

In 2016 was added  the Department of “Industrial ecology and chemistry”(IEaC).