The Department of «Technological equipment, engineering and standardization»

Due to expansion and growth of machinery production at factories in Kazakhstan in the 50’s of last century, was a shortage of qualified personnel, so the government decided to open engineering machine building profile in the Karaganda Polytechnic Institute.

The first set of students in a total of 25 people specializing in technology engineering, machine tools and instruments “was launched in 1959 at the metallurgy department.
For the development of the specialty and release highly skilled university administration and faculty held a lot of work to attract qualified personnel to a teaching job out of leading universities and leading engineering companies in Russia. In the early years is widely practiced by the leading specialists of the central universities (Moscow Machine Tool Institute, Bauman MSTU, etc.): Malt GI – Ph.D., professor of the Moscow Mining Academy, Sakharov, GN – Professor, Stalin Prize winner, Borovoy AA – Prof.; VD Lisitsyn – Prof.; Arbuzov JL – Prof. – Moscow Machine Tool Institute.
In August 1961, the department “Technology of Metal” was invited Ettel AV, worked as chief technologist Luberetsky factory of agricultural machinery, providing him the rank of assistant professor, who in September 1962 and headed the new department “Technology of mechanical engineering.” From that time began the formation of the Department: to create offices, laboratories, purchase equipment.
The first teachers of the department were: Kim JP, Starukhin SV, Kleshchina VA, Kleshchina EV, Belostotskaya IL
The primary task of this period is staffing the faculty department. This problem was solved by involving the department directed the distribution of specialists from the central universities in the country who have graduated from graduate school: Nerubay MS – From the Kuibyshev Polytechnic Institute, Ushomirskaya LA – From the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute.
The best graduates of the first sets were designed to target post-graduate studies at leading universities of the Soviet Union: Churikov AP Akjol AM, Kim JP – In the Moscow Machine Tool Institute, Abilova SM – In the Tula Polytechnic Institute, Bauman, VA- In the Bryansk Institute of Transport Engineering, Gusev VG – At Bauman MSTU, Bengard AE – At the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. All they had successfully defended his thesis and began working at the Department of lecturers.
Prepared and successfully defended their theses teachers of the department: Starukhin SV, Feh EA, Makeev VF, Padiarova IP, tumens TN, Olsztyn, PV, Shvoev VF , Auten YN, Podtihova LN, Ants OP, Bayzhabaginova GA Ualiev JS, Erahtina II, Zharkevich OM, Nikonov T.YU, and doctoral Thesis Gusev VG Zhetesova GS, Sikhimbayev MR and Sherov KT, senior lecturer in Yurchenko VVprepares to defend the work for the degree of PhD.
Many graduates have become major leaders, scientists in both the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad: Titkova SO, Ph.D., a leading expert on CAD (Toronto, Canada); Feh EA – PhD (Germany); Gusev VG – Doctor of technical sciences, Professor (Germany); Yantser GA, graduated from the Academy of World Economy; Zhaken SA – Chief Engineer of ZAO Kargormash; Kurenkov VV – Deputy Director KLMZ; V. Petrov – Deputy director for production RGTO; tumens TN – PhD, Associate Professor, Director of BelRosinstrument”, etc.
At various times, the department was headed prominent scientists and production workers: Ignatov, SN (1971-1983 gg.) – Is currently professor of Murom Branch of Bauman im.N.E. Bauman, GG Piven(1983-1993 gg.) – Professor, Academician of IAS HS, since 1994 the Rector of KSTU, Olsztyn, PV (1994-1997 gg.) – PhD, associate professor, is currently deputy director of Kamyshin branch of Volgograd Technical University; Shvoev VF (From 1997 to 2008) – Ph.D., Associate Professor; Zhetesova GS (From 2008 – 2014) – Prof., Sherov K.T. (from 2014-to 2015) – Prof.; Zhetesova GS (From 2015 – 2017) – Prof., Yorchenko V.V. (2017-to present ) – PhD.


It should be noted that under the leadership Ettelya AV, and further Ignatova, SN, Piven, GG, Shvoeva VF,  Zhetesovoy GS and Sherov K.T.  the department is constantly conducted research work on the state budget and economic contracts subject to the ministries and engineering enterprises that allow to protect a number of master’s and doctoral theses. Today the department performs the work of the two grants RK and work on an international project TEMPUS.
As the department began the opening of new specialties. In 1970 he took the first set on a specialty “Engineering”, whose graduates have qualifications in engineering and teacher. ” The opening of this profession was caused by a lack of specialists in the system of vocational training, preparing workers for machinery.
Graduates of this specialty, along with high training received and the necessary educational training provided by Department of Pedagogy and the Russian language under the guidance of Ph.D., professor Gontsova SA
In 1994, in connection with the opening of the specialty “Metal Machine”, there was a division of the department into two: “Mechanical engineering” and “Metal Machine”, but in 1996 the department re-united, which was caused by a decrease in plan administration.
In 1997, the first time in Kazakhstan was a new specialty “Standardization and Certification.”
During its existence the department “Technology of mechanical engineering has prepared over 2300 specialists working in different regions of Kazakhstan, the CIS and abroad.

In 2015, the department was renamed from “Engineering Technology” to “Technological equipment, engineering and standardization.” At the same time, the Department of Mining Machines was attached to the department.

In 2017, a branch of the department was opened at KLMZ LLP “Maker” where it is being trained in real time on machine tool equipment.