Department of «Energy systems»

The Department of “Energy systems” was established in 1956 as “Mining mechanics”.

In the formative years of the mining industry in Central Kazakhstan, taking into account the need for engineering staff in 1956 was founded the department of “Mining Mechanics”, as its first head was Associate Professor, Ph.D. IK Khrustalev (1956 – 1957 years.). In the period 1957 – 1960 years the chair was headed by Associate Professor, Ph.D. OV Good. In 1960 he took the post of head of the professor, Ph.D. BG Klimov, who successfully led the department until 1988.

The opening of new mines and quarries identified the need for industry professionals in mining power, and in 1958 he founded the department of “General Electrical Engineering and Mining,” the director was appointed Associate Professor, Ph.D. R. Kozlov (1958-1968 years). In 1968, she served as the basis for the organization of departments’ power supply of industrial enterprises “(the Chair Associate Professor, Ph.D. RV Kozlov – 1968-1974, then 1975-1980 – Associate Professor P. Kamensky ) and “Theory of Electrical Engineering” (Head of the professor, Dr. A. Yakovlev – 1968-1979).

Since 1979, the department “Theory of Electrical Engineering”, headed by Professor, Ph.D. YP Galishnikov, and in 1980 the department was reorganized and renamed the Department of Electrical Engineering. To the department was charged with the teaching of electrical engineering, theoretical foundations of electrical engineering, electrical machinery and electronics, which played a prominent role in providing quality education for training engineers. Over the years, the Department of Electrical Engineering managed: Associate Professor, Ph.D. VS Moses (1984-1986), Associate Professor, Ph.D. AF Fazylov (1986 – 1989 years), Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, Ph.D. EG Nadirov (1989-1997 years) – one of the first teachers of Karaganda Institute of Mining.

To provide engineering training electrical engineers in 1980, the department “Electrical industrial enterprises attached to the chair of Mining Mechanics and led BG Klimov it was called Department of Mining Electromechanics. In 1988-1994 years the chair was headed by prof., Ph.D. AN Shpiganovich. Industrial development in the region and the whole of Kazakhstan requires training of electrical engineers, and after opening in 1990 KPTI degree in Electrical, in 1991 it was renamed into the Department of electricity. In 1994-1997 years the department in charge of associate professor, Ph.D. ML Karakulin.

In different years at the Department worked: I. S. Kolotova, A. S. Orlov, L. G. Marnits, S. Sarzhanov, N. G. Shchukin, N. E. Gurin, V. A. Konovalov, P. A. Dubrovin, G. Karashulakov, G. G. Bernardov, V. V. Kozhevnikov, S. G. Karmanov, E. D. Beibitov, Zh. Zh. Kasylkasov, A.V. Generalov, A.V. Bashirov, T. S. Umbetalin and others.

In 1997, the departments “Power Supply” and “Electrical Engineering” were merged and until 2008, the joint Department “Power Supply and electrical engineering ” (PS and EE) was headed by Ph. D., associate Professor B. A. Zhautikov. In 1997, the first recruitment for the specialty “power Supply” in the Kazakh language was made. In 2001, the Department opened the specialty “Electrification and automation of agricultural enterprises”, in 2005 opened the specialty “Heat power Engineering”. Since 2001, the Department has opened a master’s degree program.

In 2008, the Department of PS and EE was renamed to the Department of “Energy”, and in 2015 to “Energy systems”.

From 2008-2011 head of the Department of energy-doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Tatkeeva G.G. in the period 2011-2020 the Department was headed by Ph. D. Taranov A.V., Ph. D. Mekhtiyev A.D. From 2020 and to this day – a master Neshina Y.G.

Currently, the members of the Department are: Professor Ph. D. Nikolaev Yu.A., Ph.D. Alimousin G.T.; associate Professor Ph.D. of Bulatbaev F. N., Ph.D. Taranov A.V., Ph.D. Kelmagambetova P.M., candidate of engineering Sciences Isaev V.L., PhD Kalitka V. A., Ph.D. Galin, A. I.; masters Neshina Y. G., Kaidanovich O. Yu., Shaigarayeva T.N., Balandin,V.S, Bilichenko, A.P., O.K. Makhambetov, Madi P.Sh., Agilbaeva M.Zh., Bilichenko E.N., Abilzhanova F.B., Malikov N.M., Duysenbaeva M.S., Tleugabylova M.K., Draganova M.A., Kenzhebek A.S., Baidyussenov G.N.; Dvuzhilova S.N., Bokizhanov G.I.-M., Baidildina J.B., B. K. Magawin.

At the department are 10 teaching laboratories, and 3 computer labs. In real stands, students spend more than 100 labs. In the laboratories of the Department are engaged in virtually all specialties, students of the University of electrical engineering disciplines, CHP, TFE, electricity.

Since the Foundation of the Department, scientific schools of professors B.G. Klimov, Yu.P. Galishnikov, A.N. Shpiganovich, Yu.A. Nikolaev have prepared a whole galaxy of scientists. The Department has a scientific theme on improving the work of Electromechanical equipment.

Every year, the faculty of the Department performs contractual work to improve the operating modes of Electromechanical equipment Ekibastuz sections.

In total, since 1959, the Department has trained more than 3,000 mining electrical engineers, electrical engineers and mining electrical engineers. Graduates of the Department are: professors A.N. Daniyarov, I A. Yantsen, Z.T. Akashev, Yu.A. Nikolaev, B.A. Zhautikov, E.I. Shulgin, V.K. Donis, N.I. Karasev, many leading experts in energy, mining and other industries.